Waiting on PoE 2

I have played the first game and still play occasionally because internet connection, even though I can play Genshin Impact (more on that later), seems not cooperative on their side. I still experience weird jumpy-laggy game play.

So, connection aside, let’s talk about game play. I cannot record my game play because limitation of my hardware (seriously, what can you expect from dual core processor in terms of recording live gaming?). The main issue about this is skill assignment. PoE doesn’t provide you with distinct class and skills but instead it treats skills as socketable item. There are three types of skill represented with colors: red, blue, and green. These skills can be inserted into weapons and if the weapons into which you put your skills are equipped then you can use those skills. The problem is that when you have acquired satisfying skill combination but you need to upgrade your gear. The dev teams seems to understand this issue and seems to decide a new mechanism for skill management. The principle is still the same but I’m not sure the new system will be simpler.

Next, the difficulties. As you would expect from multiplayer game, this game should be enjoyed with friends and thus you are not expected to have both TANK-ish and big DPS while self-healing. This aspect made me realize that I sometimes really need help in clearing some quests if I don’t want to re-spawn for several times just to take benefit of full HP after being resurrected.

So, that’s about it. Ciao.

Before Deployment

Her : You’re here again.

Him : Yes I am but never thought of meeting you here. It’s a pleasure.

Her : You know me, then?

Him : You’re international figure. It’s normal for people to recognize you.

Her : Right. May I join you?

Him : Sure.

Her : You are not from here, are you?

Him : Yes. A foreigner, as your people would say. No offense. I practice you native language a little.

Her : Well, you can count out of those people.

Him : Thanks.

Her : This park is always lovely this time of year. It’s spring already but you can still see the ice reflecting the sun rays. One of my favorite spot in the city. It’s beautiful.

Him : Perfect time and place to rest indeed.

Her : Tough work?

Him : Not as tough as yours, I believe?

Her : You know my work?

Him : I watched it. You are widely recognized, milady. So is your work. I really love the latest one and played it on and on while enjoying the cinematography.

Her : Really?

Him : Certainly. I feel like I must ask you a question though.

Her : What is it?

Him : Those words are short but dense. Did you experience those words yourself?

Her : Really? You thought of my work that far?

Him : What can I say? I’m a fan. Not that a huge fan though.

Her : (chuckled) You’re here for work?

Him : Yes.

Her : What do you do for a living?

Him : I’m working on the weather.

Her : As in weather forecasting?

Him : Something like that.

Her : How does that reward you?

Him : Before that, what do you do for a living?

Her : I thought my work is widely recognized?

Him : Your work is but I get a feeling that’s not your living.

Her : I’m an artist of some kind.

Him : Yeah, I can see that. Rewards, you say? Not sure I can answer that. You seem to fare far better than I do.

Her : Different jobs different risk and rewards, I presume.

Him : Seeing those kids playing freely is usually enough but now conversing directly with the person whose voice I usually can only listen from media makes it complete.

Her : Why, thank you.

Him : The pleasure’s mine, milady.

Her : It’s unusual for me to talk to a complete stranger.

Him : (smiled) The experience wasn’t so bad after all, huh?

Her : (smiled) So, how long are you gonna stay in this country?

Him : Not sure. That really depends on my work. I have to be present tomorrow and a day after.

Her : My work doesn’t really leave me with a lot of spare time.

Him : Yep, so does traveling around the world.

Her : I suppose you’re right.

Him : So enjoy it here while you can. Next time you may not have some time so spend here, right?

Her : You’re not really waiting for company?

Him : I’m on my own company until you arrived. It’s enjoyable. I hope I’m not intruding your day off?

Her : (smiled) It’s quite the opposite. It’s also enjoyable. Guess I’ll follow your lead for today, to relax, to rest.

Him : Beautiful.

One Last Kiss

Been listening to her songs since high school back when her popular song was First Love. Yeah, it’s been a while.


Him : Well, it’s just like they said. We’re together but it’s just that. Nothing more.

Her : Yep, they wonder why we’re never together. Have you ever thought about that?

Him : For starters, we never have anything to begin with. There was some ingredients but it wasn’t enough.

Her : We met, talked, walked, and had some fun together but it was just that. Nothing more.

Him : Our meetings were just meeting. There was always a job to do, task to finish, assignment to see through. Did we ever have the time to spend together? I can’t remember if there was any.

Her : Do you have any regret?

Him : I don’t know. Do you?

Her : Not sure. If anything, we’re more like two strangers to begin with.

Him : And yet here we are having a time together drinking tea while also having nice conversation.

Her : Yep, that doesn’t happen easily for people like us.

Him : If that is unusual for you then it’s a rare occasion for me.

Her : We really are together, aren’t we? There is always inexplicable similarity between us.

Him : So, this is the third time we meet for a tea. Would you dare to call it third time’s a charm?

Her : Well, I suspect something like this will always happen even if one of us dies. I don’t know. It’s just that this place has become our rendezvous point. If one of use dies, the one still living will eventually come here to have a cup of tea, to rest before continue on one’s journey. Don’t you think?

Him : That regional event really was our beginning, wasn’t it? It changed everything.

Her : Platonic. Something without concrete definition. The more you look for it, the further away it becomes. So, it’s better for us to stay.

Him : For each other without anything and yet completing each other?

Her : How is it that you can construct those words?

Him : A decade in isolation? Don’t think isolation is the right word, tho. It trains you to automatically complete peculiar sentences.

Her : Huh, is that so? Would you call it fruitful struggle?

Him : Our moments are those of few I cherish.

Her : And to which I look forward. Auf wiedersehen.

Him : Auf wiedersehen, Fraulein.

Odoo 10 Development – On Windows 10

Finally something worth writing for.

For those of you who have hard time to switch to Linux because you have job that runs on Windows 10, I think I have concluded the way to prepare your system to begin development on Odoo 10, if the need be.

First, make sure you have Python 2.7 installed and added to your path for both python and pip executables.

Second, install Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7. You can download the binary here.

Third, install the requirement found in the code repository you have downloaded from Odoo Github. The problem usually comes around here. When installing the requirements, you might find this error.

'lber.h': No such file or directory 

When this message shows up, you need to install python-ldap module. However, you can’t just simply type pip install python-ldap on command prompt and be done with it. You need to install the wheel package prepared for Windows. For this case, please find you required wheel file (*whl) here. I found that python_ldap-2.5.2-cp27-cp27m-win_amd64.whl works for me.

Another error message you might come across is this.

ImportError: No module named win32service

This indicates that you need to install Python module that has win32service on it. This can be easily solved by installing pywin32 by typing pip install pywin32 on command prompt. After this step, you run the requirement installation again and you shouldn’t have any problem.

Fourth, setup your database. Odoo 10 runs on set of configurations. Database configurations that you need to pay attention are db_host, db_name, db_user, and db_password. db_host indicates the host of database server you are about to use. If it is you own local machine, you can put localhost as its value. db_name is the name of the database. For this matter I put False because I want my Odoo to run on no specific database at first. So I need to choose and login to the database I want. db_user and db_password indicates your database username and password. Odoo 10 runs on Postgresql database so you have to setup your Postgresql and make sure that the database recognizes the user and password you use.

After the last step, you can run the Odoo 10 server by typing python odoo-bin --addons-path=addons on command prompt from the Odoo 10 folder. The server should start shortly after.


I forgot to mention NodeJS installation. Odoo 10 requires NodeJS installed on your system since it uses less. So, fifth step is to make sure that NodeJS installed and accessible from the command prompt. I use NodeJS v10 LTS. After that, the sixth step is to install less module for NodeJS using npm.

npm install -g less@3.0.4 less-plugin-clean-css

After this one, you should be ready to run Odoo 10 on Windows 10. Have fun.


As I lie awake, with a feeling I can’t shake.

Living in a life so bittersweet, like uninterrupted dream.

Do you hear me calling out?

Are you even listening to a single word I’m about to say?


“She is a friend of mine, brother. Once we were in the same school and followed the very same reunion. This cannot be bothered with shallow emotion and halfhearted decision. And for the last time, I’m not a kid. I am a grown up man.”

I took a deep breath. Listening to this conversation again and again doesn’t make me any wiser. The little kid who was once running around chasing butterflies are now past his teens. It’s unusual for him to call me to talk about this feeling-related problem. It had always been work-related question on how to make this or how to develop that or where I got my suits, or jacket. I know I have a good taste for the latter.

“How is she?”. So I asked him.

“She was once with by best friend. They were together for more than a year. They and I went to different school. This you know. And I hadn’t seen her until I graduated. You remember the small reunion to which you suggested me to attend? That was the first time I met her since then.”

“So you develop feelings for her?”

“Not instantaneously, no. Back then I didn’t know that they had broken up so I acted as usual. I thought that it was just because reunion atmosphere that triggered such emotion. You know, it’s like you want to talk about everything when you meet you friend after long time not seeing them.”


“I was under impression that they would marry after both of them finished college. So, I had made peace with that. Now that she is single again, I think I develop feeling for her.”

“Long story short, you fall for her after knowing that she is single again? I have taught you well, kid.” I responded. “And now you’re thinking that if you make a move, you’re afraid that you’re gonna lose your friendship with her?”

“Yeah. Have you any thought on this, brother?”

Don’t Know Why

baby don’t know why I cry
さよなら 最后くらいちゃんと わかり合いたいよ
baby baby 二人が过ごした日々が大切なこと


Next code, please.


So, where is she?

She smiled. The mood soothed the soul uneasiness. Feint sounds of music was playing. Was it Richard Clayderman’s? The thought of kind response was slow and it was decided that the best response was to pose a similar question.

Where is he?

It always has been like this. A relation without formal definition since it’s never implemented, even in hypothetical multi-dimension terms. Platonic, if you will, and the code doesn’t relate that much.

Slender hand stirring a glass of hot tea with hint of honey and melodious humming from unconscious mind replaced the sound of classical piano played around the corner. The other party chose to open a random book from a shelf nearby. While one was looking for an appropriate answer by letting one’s mind free, the other turned to old book recognized by its yellow-ish pages and worn-out cover.

The room wasn’t crowded but it was lively. Chatters were so soft that their words were indistinguishable. The best spot in this room was by the window. There was one table with just two seats, a perfect spot to talk. Sometimes the best word was silence and to let time do the talking.

I thought I would never come back here.

They serve the best tea in town. One smiled and responded kindly. You just have to understand your taste. One continued before returning to the book.

Sometimes, you can only taste the best tea once in your lifetime. So, it will always be the best tea ever served to you. One said. Some people two tables from here broke loose their laugh and began their entree. But now I taste it for the second time. Would you call it luck or a fruitious struggle?

For What’s Worth

You’ve got your dream, what would you do?

I’m, again, not really sure of how this is going when I’ve come to terms that life isn’t what is supposed to be. You finish your task late at night and have been sleep deprived for almost a week that you feel jumpy when waking up, that you have difficulties because a lot is going on in your mind without closure.

There is a list written on your little notebook, or stored inside your phone, or somewhere inside your brain. A list contains all your previous plan and somehow every time you open that list, success isn’t something you find often. You have derailed from your original track and now have been wondering in the wilderness of life. You have lost count of how many turn you had taken, of how many station had you changed your course.

Adventures, you said to yourself to keep your spirit up but deep down, you know it isn’t. You have been walking on bushes, on non-existent road, and you can’t see what’s around you. You can hear some echoes but they couldn’t lead you anywhere. You’re alone.

Supplies are running low and your time is obviously limited. No one knows when you will die or where you will die but it’s an eventuality that you will die. So, do you think dying alone in the middle of nowhere is worth for your journey? Do you really think that every little things you hold dear is worth giving up?

For what is worth, what is your life anyway? You have been long gone and nothing ever comes out of it. Do you really live? Or, are you living someone else’s life?