Until I Found You

Wasn’t looking for love until I found you

Didn’t know I was looking for love until I found you

Surely the journey won’t be easy but, maybe, don’t you think that one just has to believe this time?



Not necessarily in the right order but we all agree that from these three, other colors emerge and the set would be complete. In other words, if you have these three basic color, you might come up with other colors as well. After that, you might complete your set.

Now for a question: If you have a complete set of color, what would you do?

Sins of the Past

Wrong deeds gave birth to different kind of taste but it always had the same after taste, the bitter. The implications were severe and long-lasting. One deed done in whatever name you believed, turned into something grave and somehow endanger people.

The thing about wrong deed is that they have been done, one way or another, be it intentional or not, be it consciously or not. The result is there to fix and somebody has to make sacrifice to restore the balance between the present and the past. Our present is a result of our and our fathers’ past.

It is true that sons always have to bear the sins of their fathers, that sons always have to clean up after their fathers. Complaining won’t do necessary repair as much as silence. The destiny of sons isn’t, and never was, any easy. It’s easy when they abandon their duty but the consequences are heavy. Nobody knows whose time is up first.

When Two, or more, Become One

Supposedly, one should’ve been writing a fix for several bugs about faulty architecture. In this case, as the one who was tasked to design the architecture, one failed to capture the possibility to expand the architecture without risking the integrity of existing design. Here was the thought.

One considered first that the structure should be divided into several smaller parts in order to delegate the parts to different teams. Such plan was agreed since there was no more head around to add different opinion. One main structure was to be the head and several structures became the derivative. The problem came from the unexpected party.

What if the future requires me to attach new, different data into the structure? Would it be as easy as adding the slot and be done with it? Or does the structure would require me to rewire the existing connections?

The question hit one hard, forcing one to draw back from the front line.

Later, at one night, one sat in front of a table with mind ready with an idea from a friend. Develop one big structure to contain all data and a few small structures to contain the description. That being said, the first thing to do was to merge current structures into one structure. Since merging would compromising the old structures, one would need to volunteer oneself to also merge the existing data.

The next steps would be defined later in proper appointment.

When The Processing Fails

The memory is fine. The processor isn’t working anymore. I don’t know why.

Maybe, the processor is having difficulties to prioritize the task fed to it. If you have read the introduction to computer architecture and how scheduling works, surely you would know why.

I ran diagnostics. The memory isn’t full, technically, is almost full but the processor seemed not having any workload. I wonder why. Now my work is being postponed again until I figure this one out.

Hold on. Is this about your computer’s memory and processors, because as far as I know, you have dual processors configuration with massive memory and I/O and no way that gargantuan system fails, or is it your own memory and processing power?

Enjoy the Silence

The song still remains. Between lyrics, one’s mind would wander through daily noise and look for a piece, a sequence that would bring contentment. Nightfall didn’t stop the iteration and at times it became even faster.

As one climbed the roof while holding a coffee, one unconsciously began to question things to which one had already known the answer. It’s crazy how one would expect the different answer by asking the same questions. Eyes gazed upon the moon and somehow the mind started to tone down. It came to conclusion.

It had been nice while silence was the synonym of serenity. And then, what if the same thing didn’t work anymore? What if quiet night wasn’t the calming factors anymore? What if the sounds of reality was the source of comfort?

In response to late Silent.

Where to go, again?

If the same route has been passed again and again, how would one navigate to another route while maintaining the same destination? Different route leads to different landscapes and scenes which would please one’s senses. Different experience would lead to expanding one’s horizon and thus enrich one’s view. A compass would make sure the steps taken always lead to the same destination.

Of life, if only the same principle would be just valid. If only.

In response to Compass.