if only one shot left

If you have one shot left, what kind of bullet will you want to have?

If you have one shot left, what kind of rifle will you want to shoot it with?

If you have one shot left, where will you shoot it from?

If you have one shot left, who will you shoot?

If you have one shot left, which part of body will you take aim at?

Problem is that not everyone has every gun, every bullet, and is expert in taking aim.

That is why choosing your partner is an important thing to do.

Place you go under, person you go with, you can’t be too picky about them. Time you have won’t be last longer than your breath.

When timing must be perfect, your rifle must be steady, your breath must be deep, your aim must be accurate, your calculation must be one hundred percent correct, who will be your partner? What will be your rifle? What will be your bullet?


Is That Really Fine?

People tend to have plans for their own and to pursue them perfectly. For those who can think, they may end up having tough conversation between themselves, their parent, their dearest friends, and sometimes their teachers.

Mankind is about what to do, what really to do, and what not to do. Making them distinguishable sometimes is hurting. Simple example is about choosing your college major. You think engineering is not cool and you prefer medical school to this. Well, since you have only lived for, say, 20 years, what experiences do you have so far? Your parents may agree or disagree, your friends, especially who come from medical school and hate it will be likely to disagree. In the end you will hear bunch of reason should you consider your decision.

You want something really bad, for example matter A. For life you chase this and world itself brings forth any other options like matter B, C, etc.. Your mind at first think that other options are just for being ignored but what if the other person in your life think that they should be considered seriously? You still are chasing the matter A and then you realize that matter A gives you nothing but weariness and unhappiness. On the other side, other matters are slowly showing their good side.

People who want to take, who are currently taking those other options, are then having fun. Their mind is not burdened by some stupid unthinkable and irresolvable reasons yet you are still trying to push your idea forward in time you start to realize that pushing will only make another time goes to wasteland.

Then after all those conversation between you and your dearest, you may coma to this question:

Is that really fine to do?

You start to ask yourself about your plan(s), about your future, about what you really have to do, what you can do later, and what things if you don’t do then it doesn’t matter at all. You start to count the good and the bad of all choices. You start to imagine what you can do, you can achieve if you still are taking your first plan, matter A, and what you will get if you try the other options.

In the end your mind starts to build some sort of pathways.

If this is chosen then what? If this is not chosen then what? What should I do? Where do I go? Why do I prefer this? Why should I consider that? and on and on and on…

These questions imply that you are still sane, still able to think rationally, and willing to count, to prepare, and to not take too much risk if it is not worth it. But one thing for sure you can’t ignore is that time will only pass once and you can’t take back what you have thrown away. You can’t predict everything accurately and count all risks precisely. Will you try to get the other options world offers you or will you stick to your primary plan? Will you take the risk for having your steed on matter A which is not sure about giving you something, really, or will you be ready to step aside from what you have planned for years just to take new -unknown for you yet known for others- plans?

Risks are available not upon your request but they are available upon your choice of their triggers.

What are you willing to do?

Is what you do fine to do?

Either Power, Alliance, or Being Alone

Seeing how those three end, what would you choose for life?

Power may mean knowledge or physical strength, your brain, your muscle, or both.

Alliance can be your very friends or sometimes you end up teaming with your arch-enemy.

Being alone assures you moving fast, keeping your trouble with people minimum, and no extra responsibilities added.

Some say that those with power are proud and respected but sometimes in fear. Alliance makes you weak since you have your allies with you, you can do almost anything. Being alone makes you stronger but you can’t defeat people with alliance except you have yourself very lucky charm.

All those three can’t be maxed out in one turn. Sometimes you have to lower one and increase another. What is your choice? What is your call? What is your motivation? What is …?

Sometimes questions come massively and you don’t have enough time to answer all of them properly and sometimes you ask another person to answer that for you. Next question is whether appointed person can be trusted or not.

Between those three, what is your majority?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Thinking about light makes me remember the time when I was doing my morning walking with a friend.



These were taken at small forest and I still think that sunlight through the trees is the best as it reminds me how beautiful our world will be if all kind of forest are conserved.

New Post 2013

So, this is my first post in 2013. I wonder what I could have written about my new year’s eve, first doings at January first, and so on. Things people say about new year in my surroundings are the resolution and the plan. However, since tonight I haven’t thought anything about them, perhaps later.

Anyway, they say new year is the new hope and new spirit. I say, good hunting.