Either Power, Alliance, or Being Alone

Seeing how those three end, what would you choose for life?

Power may mean knowledge or physical strength, your brain, your muscle, or both.

Alliance can be your very friends or sometimes you end up teaming with your arch-enemy.

Being alone assures you moving fast, keeping your trouble with people minimum, and no extra responsibilities added.

Some say that those with power are proud and respected but sometimes in fear. Alliance makes you weak since you have your allies with you, you can do almost anything. Being alone makes you stronger but you can’t defeat people with alliance except you have yourself very lucky charm.

All those three can’t be maxed out in one turn. Sometimes you have to lower one and increase another. What is your choice? What is your call? What is your motivation? What is …?

Sometimes questions come massively and you don’t have enough time to answer all of them properly and sometimes you ask another person to answer that for you. Next question is whether appointed person can be trusted or not.

Between those three, what is your majority?


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