choose wisely even all choices are good

You can’t be serious, how should people choose wisely if all of choices are good to go?

Well, there are obvious reasons that even good choices are ones you really don’t want to choose.

What? If you are going to tell me then I am out. I guess listening to a jerk like won’t do any help at all.

Please refer to your recent activities and the choices you’ve made. You really want to help your friend so instead letting that person be what that person wanted to be, you stepped and I don’t know whether your friend is a man or woman.


You see for yourself that your cover has been blown. You had your options and you chose to arise when you knew being silent was more helpful. Now tell me that all you wanted to do was just helping.

So, instead of helping, I should better not talk at all?

Reasoning is your weakness, Kid. Your impatient and rush have brought you nothing but real messes all around you. Now why don’t you sit down and think about what you have done lately, what choices were there, and what you chose back then.

Well, there was a situation where I stood against my old acquaintance.  I’m going to tell you whether it is a man or woman but you can tell it’s a well-known person with high competence in anything I am not. The choices were to be there and to talk quietly, to listen what had been happening, and to get out lightly. Second chain was to not talk and let it do the talking, to reason with all available information, to conclude what really had happened back then, and to get all of those emotions killed. Third chain was to call and prepare the talking, to engage the meeting, and to make a clearance about what had happened and what should be happening next time before time was up.

Were all options good?

Yep. All options would give the same result and clearance.

And what was your call?

For all I care now, I know what was happening that time of year. I know what should be hindered and erased. I know things for sure that I don’t have any acquaintance  for real.


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