go back or go back again?

Every year you’ve passed always has a meaning at least or meanings if you are that well mannered. Some people when they are about to have a birthday, they start to count what they want to dispose and what they want to keep. Keeping sometimes means that you want to see those things again, just once or more but it doesn’t matter.

Seeing thing in so many perspectives sometimes brings the goodness but if you are not capable to handle it, they will start to confuse you. Confusing by all means that you may be unable to think clearly. For instance, you see your old photo back and then you realize that you were much more handsome or slim or clever or some other positive points back in the day. You then become obsessive to get your old self back in every way possible, which means including the bad ones.

Losing mind means you only need to go ahead one more step to lose your character as you have today and you go back to the old you as you were before today. If you are bad person today and back then you were good one, that will not be a problem but if you are the good person and you lose your character, your mind, what then?

Going back may affects most of your emotions. Reunion somehow turns you into the old you, the one who are still carefree and energetic like a teenager. Being in your parents graves, if you can’t hold on together with the time, your tears will burst out and you of course will see before you the shadow your parents. Essentially, going back gives your emotion a drill.

Without going back, maybe you will never notice the changes you have made, the pacts you have been dealt and promised,  or even bonds you have been integrated with. People seem to go back, reveal themselves to their past-self, to mourn the dead dreams and orphan memories. To relive the good old days by coming their old places. People’s mind saves a lot of memories complete with every emotion necessary. There is nothing to ashamed of if you drop your tears when you see your birthplace, your parent’s graves, and sometimes when you realize how far you have gone or how much you have achieved.

Tell me, when you compared the mirror reflection of you with a picture of you right after you were born, what will be your feelings?


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