only a name, really?

One think I don’t do when I started a conversation is asking the name first. I mean, how could I do that? Well, most people sometimes ask only what they desire such as time and direction. It is only rare to find someone first asks about the name then asks about things they need to know. For example:

A: Pardon me, may I know your name?

B: Sure, name’s B. Nice to meet you. How about you?

A: Mine is A. Nice to meet you in this daily bus traffic. Would you please tell me the time for the next bus departure to London?

B: Well, there is one which will go straight to London at bla…bla…bla….

Sounds so brave yet it indeed requires some soft of bravery. People around me find it to be rude to ask someone’s name in instant without proper introduction. Most conversation I have found so far are more like this one:

A: Pardon me, would you mind to direct me from here to nearest convenient store? I’m new in town.

B: Not at all, please. You can go left at the first crossroad you will find ahead from here, then walk two blocks straight, bla…bla…bla….

A: Thank you.

B: You’re welcome.

This one is considered to be the proper asking for something in the middle of the crowd. If you ask someone for his/her name, he/she may think you are rude or simply they will say, “Who the hell are you asking my name like that?”. Today television’s shows sometimes show nothing but rude speaking.

I can’t really tell them wrong since in my place now, the more people know about you, more dangerous your situation will be. For example, when your ID card is exposed, many felons eventually make something under your ID and creating some frauds from it, or by knowing your place, they can rob you when you are not in home. There are many things for people to be reasons for their hiding identity. Trust is what people need the most yet the hardest thing you will find around. Today is not the day you can trust your neighborhood either. There are many examples for you to watch neighbors kill another neighbors.

A name isn’t only just a name. Name isn’t something people or even you can give or tell other people that easy. Knowing your name means one or two steps ahead to know more about you. Although this thing is crazy but there is some other places people share their name with people they recently have met. Coffee store, book store, game store. and even streets they share their name and phone number so they can catch up each other sooner or later, making new friends they say.

Giving a name or a damn, what will you do? Giving a simple nickname with smile or rudeness for someone whom might actually be nice?

A name, not a simple matter, eh?


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