Is It Raining Outside? – 2

Again I tried to catch the raindrops and these two were the result. Since my phone camera, which is 5 MP only, could catch with the raindrops, I decided to catch that the raindrops left n the window's surface.

Is It Raining Outside? – 1

I tried to catch pictures about rain and I came to these. But then I realized that these images barely captured rain. I wonder how to catch rain drops with phone camera. I hope it doesn't make me use SLR since I don't have one.

to explore, to know, to learn

Exploring isn't something new. Whenever you get to a new place, one thing you start is exploring. Routes, contents, streets, markets, people, and many more you want to see. Well, curiosity isn't a sin. Exploring something new isn't a thing to be proud of. In my current view, exploring old things - things you have … Continue reading to explore, to know, to learn

Do I Feel Like in The Crowd? – Daily Prompt: INTJ

Responding to this daily prompt is like answering "do I feel like in the crowd?" stated as this post permalink. Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet? I would gladly yet sadly say yes and no. Listening to things needs an amount of patience and everyone … Continue reading Do I Feel Like in The Crowd? – Daily Prompt: INTJ

Daily Prompt: Impossibility

This post is a response to this. I come to think of these: I can talk with jaguars, shark, and eagle. People can be revived after death. People can fly so free so they even can reach the outer space, without wings of course. No starvation and war in this world. Everlasting peace and wealth. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Impossibility