Daily Prompt: Impossibility

This post is a response to this.

I come to think of these:

  1. I can talk with jaguars, shark, and eagle.
  2. People can be revived after death.
  3. People can fly so free so they even can reach the outer space, without wings of course.
  4. No starvation and war in this world.
  5. Everlasting peace and wealth.
  6. Being able to understand people.

First, I really want to be able to understand those animals because I really like them including how they live. Who know better about their living but themselves?

Second, I wonder if people can be revived after death, they can tell us good story about how it is life after death. So, yes this should be fun except the ones revived are zombies.

Third, I hate traffic jam and since sky is a lot wider than streets, why don’t we fly and go to school always on time? Working on time and spare more time with family and friends? Airplanes may be a solution but still, I can’t go to work or school with airplane everyday. I mean, how big should the parking lot be?

Fourth, there are people who tends to eat small, medium, large, or overly large portion of food so large so they die at obesity or cardiac-related complicated diseases. At my town today, there are people who likes to order a lot of food and then they couldn’t eat them all so there are so many leftovers. Why don’t they eat in proper portion so there will be plenty food left for the poor?

Fifth, this is what I want and what other people want but sure it is not that possible, right?

Sixth, I found this to be true. In order to achieve peace, one should understand the others so truces for peace can be created and maintained.

Well, there are six items which I have considered as impossible as seeing stones life but some old men said to me that everything is depending on views and views are about the angles. Same object can be different with different angle in photography. So, I decided this:

I may not be able to talk with animal but I can try to make them understand me so when I am around them, I feel save and they don’t feel offended or intimidated. Talk about preserving animals and their natural habitats.

People may not be able to fly so free but their mind can. So, instead of flying bodies, why not flying minds? The higher your mind can go, the more ideas you can find out there.

Death is impossible to be blocked and defeated but spirits and ideas are eternal. So, instead of reviving dead bodies, why not revive dead ideas and spirits, like spirit to fight corruption, ideas how make a world a better place for living?

It’s impossible to ensure people are not starving but it is not impossible to teach and learn how to eat properly without wasting them for nothing so even if there are people starving, at least this doesn’t happen everyday.

Everlasting wealth isn’t possible if you count on your money but if you count on your heart, some say that true happiness and wealth come from mind and soul. Talk about being nice people.

Understanding people can only be achieved by placing ourselves in the similar condition like them. If you want to understand how hard it is to build a house, try a part time job as a builder. If you want to understand how difficult it is to a mother, try to do a whole housekeeping including taking care a baby for a week at your own house.

In the end, things which are considered to be impossible are really impossible but you can approach them in so many ways. In other words, impossible is just a matter of perspective and hard work. Well, these things I said are just about my opinion.


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