to explore, to know, to learn

Exploring isn’t something new. Whenever you get to a new place, one thing you start is exploring. Routes, contents, streets, markets, people, and many more you want to see. Well, curiosity isn’t a sin. Exploring something new isn’t a thing to be proud of. In my current view, exploring old things – things you have already know, places you have already been, and stories you have already heard- is awesome.

Why, you ask? Because your senses are sharper than before. Think about it, to learn something from something new, common senses will just pick them up easily spontaneously. When it comes to old things, you have to force your common senses into awesome senses to find new differences. For example, yesterday you discovered a huge tree in small forest behind your school, the question: is that yesterday huge tree as the same tree as it’s today?

Using your yesterday senses would give you: yes, that’s the same tree. If you’ve already sharpened your senses, I think you would say: I think there must be something new.

taken from here.
(Disclaimer: All the comic strips (including characters: Calvin & Hobbes) used are attributed to Bill Watterson and I am not the owner of comic strips or the content in them)

Some say today is new day. You wake up on the plain, unscathed white paper of time divided into 24 sections (read: 24 hours). Have a good time.



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