Rain Op – 1

White blouse with brown, black, and purple stripes mixed with black trouser matched with a pair of black shoes, covered in long black raincoat made of wool, these were things he wore that day. The day wasn’t that rainy or wet but just the opposite, it was one cold and dry night. The wind stroke his head which was without hat and left his hair messed up as if he was even care about it. He was walking to nearest cafe to have a warming and calming drink.

He entered the cafe with scent of jazz and a bit of classic piano. There was no singer but there were pianist, cellist, guitarist, violist, and drummer. They played the unknown song for him. He sat in front of the coffee table and told the drink-maker his order: a cup of black coffee, with scent of vanilla, a teaspoon of sugar for sweet taste, a pinch of mashed cinnamon, and one tablespoon of condensed milk. He got his cup in two minutes and drank it, a sip by sip while enjoying the music.

The clock on the cafe posed at 23.00 local time as same as his wrist watch. His watch was old edition of the brand, made from titanium alloy, framed by finest stainless steel, topped by highest quality scratch resistant glass, paired with finest leather strap. The hour hands were made from stainless steel with green phosphorus stone at the point of the hands. The number was one to twelve in Roman numerals and the letters were carved from obsidian stone. His old watch was quite modern. It was powered by solar cells on the face and two cells of battery which would activate when there was no light around.

How were weeks of yours, friend? Your old coat looks worn out.

The drink-master asked him while cleaning his glasses.

They were fine, mostly. Nothing special. I see your place has been repaired?

Not quite, friend. Please, have a look at the ceiling. What would you say?

Coffee master was sure to know how to decorate his place. Wooden ceiling without ornamentation patched with energy saving lamps suited the place well. His customers were mostly ones who were alone, alone in living and working. There weren’t many people in the cafe.

I see you don’t provide anything alcoholic, friend?

Coffee master giggled with smile while continuing cleaning glasses.

I don’t provide anything that kills human sense, old friend. Men are already bad enough with their senses on. Making them senseless just makes them even worse and that makes me a bad drink maker. Drinks are supposed to fill human desire for health and sufficient pleasure not blinding them or making them mindless. But I see you understand this matter better than I do.

I guess you are right, master. Care to fix me up with the same drink? It’s getting cold tonight.

He made the same drink for that man who was hiding inside his long black raincoat with the same glass.

I never understand your taste. Black coffee is certainly more bitter than brown ones. You request the cinnamon, vanilla, and milk. Those things are unusual for coffee, you know. Here. I will go to that side a while. Enjoy the music, friend.

He went to another side taking care another customer. His musics aren’t that bad. Sure it was jazz-kind music but there was something else added to it. A bit of classic provided by the violist softened the rhythm. All musicians wore the same outfit: black tuxedo with black shoes like him but without raincoat and with tie. He opened his phone for it had two recent messages. All sender were in unknown number with unknown symbols. He just got that right. His time for drink was over.

He knocked the table twice and left his payment under his empty cup. He waived at the coffee master and nodded at him. The coffee master gave the same gesture and continued his work. A men with black raincoat stood from his seat leaving the cafe with ease. It had been just two hours of rest before his life called back. The day just started to rain.


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