why do I blog? | Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do I blog? This is interesting question.

I’m not into journalism really much. I’m not a photographer like any other blogger who makes a lot of beautiful photos. I’m not good reader at books so I can make review of it and post them here. I’m not a good cook to blog about how great a recipe is  In short, I don’t have, right now, my blogging specialty. But, I like to write. I love to write as many as possible about almost everything.

I need to hone my writing and reading skill especially in English so I write. I find blog is the best media to write something. Blog is the place where I can put passages of story of my own creation without worrying someone will make fun of me. Blog is the place where I can learn English in modern ways, culture, books, and any other. Blog is also place for me to read other people’s experiences.

I have sometimes many things so imaginary inside my mind like stories, opinions, and sometimes fantasies. I find blog can be used to channel those ideas into letters so people out there can read my thoughts fairly and if they like my ideas, my contents, I hope these can at least entertain them.

Blog is a fun way to do reading. Why is that fun? Because I don’t have to read anything I don’t like. For example, I hate it when I have to ready political passage as my learning material or sport-related article. But in there many things other than politics and sports in blogging world. I can find the same learning material in other passage such as art, photography, expedition, and other experience.

To be able to contribute in such thing: telling people how wonderful you morning was; how great your coffee was: how beautiful your local festival was; is just awesome. When in real life, there is no guarantee that people would read your writings, in blog, there are plenty certainties that people would lovely read your stories. You don’t have to be afraid about finding someone else who shares common hobbies or interest with you.

By blogging, I find myself learning so much: learning how to make sentences in English, combine them into one meaningful passage, and mix it another passage into good stories.  More importantly, I read, I know, I learn.

So, this is what I get but I am pretty sure that there are more which I haven’t realized yet.


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