People | Daily Prompt: Critical Eye

This post is written to respond this daily prompt.

Since I am living in the middle of community which consist of people, I should worry about them generally. Why? These are why.

First, most of them can easily throw away their junks in public transportation such as bus or train. I don’t know their motives of doing this. Is that maybe, because cleaning services are available? Or because they are so lazy to save their junks until they find proper trash bin?

Second, I rarely find clean places without cleaning service even in my campus. If you reader don’t know about my campus, this is one of many reason I hate people in here: after the other class finished, when I enter the room, I always find junks everywhere on the floor such as empty bottle of drink, plastic bag of food or something, used papers, even crumbs. These junks are commonly found under seats at the back.

Third, riverbank. This stupidity involves at least two parties: government, especially local government and the community. What is this stupidity? They don’t keep the riverbank and the river itself clean and working properly. It is only rare that I can find clean water in the river without plastic junks. It is also rare that I can find fishes swimming peacefully in the river.

Fourth, forest. This madness also is made by the same two parties. They cut down trees in the higher plains and mountains and convert the land into something they say more valuable or more economically precious and they are: hotels, touring route, and any other place for fun. NATURE ISN’T ONLY FOR FUN! Well, yeah they say that they will replant the trees but I hear and I see that is just mostly bullsh*t. How do I prove that? Simple, there are some areas which are lower areas and never get caught by flood for many long years until this year. For more than 30 years they have never gotten caught in the flood and yet this year they are crying for help. Jakarta? that’s the worst of all places but it’s the capital of the country with the biggest money circulation in this country, they said about 70%, so I force myself to give some respects.

Fifth, education. I can’t say I am the best of all educated person nor my school is the best. What I hate is that students whom come from good and well facilitated school do protest against government about national examination. They said that was because this exams were not meant to be taken by students from the rimlands because they didn’t have the same quality as theirs. Oh, come on. If you have the quality why don’t you take the exams fairly, graduate and become the leader of this country so their fate can be better under your governing period?

Sixth, injustice. Well, I don’t have to explain any further about this. If I do, my head then will explode in anger.

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Bachelor in Informatics, Interested in Gaming, Language & Literature, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

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