Meeting the stranger | Daily Prompt: Stranger

Talk about stranger, I met one one week ago. Let me describe the place, time, and the weather first before telling you about the stranger and the meeting occasion. They are so clear to as if this happened just yesterday.


I was in short open corridor with blue cellars. There were few florescent light above and they lighted my way to the end of the corridor. The floor was a bit rocky but it was not really ‘rocky’. The floor was made from mixture between cement and small stones. The corridor had no walls and breeze cold come and go anytime anywhere it wanted.


It was night and the time was about eight more or less – I don’t know if 20.00 hrs is considered night or afternoon but in this case, let use night preference – in the night.


It was one cold and wet night. Rain hadn’t stopped from the afternoon and the drops were light but continuously. Sky was dark with no moon’s presence detected. Black clouds were above my head like I was wearing black shrouds.

Then, about the occasion.

I was in the end of corridor realizing the rain had gone heavier. I stopped for a while and opened my bag taking out my umbrella. When I was preparing my protector of the rain, there was this girl passing by on the street on front of my with her umbrella. It was dark so I couldn’t distinguish the color of her umbrella, was it black, dark red, dark blue, or else? I didn’t know. She then stopped and starring at me who was trying to open my jamming umbrella.

She said,

Hey, …, it’s me.

I was like surprised and took a look around and I saw no one else around me. That meant she was talking to me but I didn’t recognize her face or her voice. It was beautiful tough. After a few awkward minutes she said,

Ah, never mind ….

She continued walking under the rain. I forced my umbrella to open and it worked. I fastened my steps onto her and said something which started a short conversation and we walked together for a while,

Sorry, was there something back then?

Oh, never mind. I mistook you for someone else. That’s stupid. Sorry.

It’s fine. So, there is indeed someone else who has resemblance with me.

Yeah, I thought you were my friend’s boyfriends. You two share the same look.

Well, there are always people who look like the other, I guess. Where are you living?

She said that she lived in the same street as I was but my place was a bit further north. Our conversation finished when she met her friend on the way. I continued lightly after realizing she wouldn’t take brief talking with her friend so I decided to move along alone.

I never got to learn her name or address or even phone number or email. I am still wondering if I may meet her again someday under the rain. Well, that’s one kind of hope.

Good day.


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