how I start and end my time | Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Am I an early bird or night owl?

I hardly distinguish one from another. I define early bird as bird that wakes up earl before the sun rises and night owl as an normal owl that hunts it prey after the night falls. My regular daily activities are usually begun after the sun comes up but these activities have nothing to do about how I start and and my time.

There are times where I had to wake up before the sun came up and also when I was able to sleep two or three hours before the sun rose. In short, sometimes I am an early bird, in other times I am a night owl, and in any other times I am both.

Which one is more effective and refreshing?

That depends on my sleeping.  There are times when I had to sleep less than two hours and my freshness was good, sometimes it was even more than just good and there also are times when I slept for more than six hours and I felt weak and still sleepy.

What I am currently planning is that I can be an early bird. Why? I don’t know. I just feel that is the right way for my body metabolism. I feel more comfortable when I wake up early than go to sleep late. Maybe because I like to see the sunrise?


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