wake up call

One time, there was this girl came into my senses. She was someone I knew, not closely, just I knew with nothing special. I sat near a lake with clear water trying to fish something, either fish itself or another animal there. Sky was bright and sun didn't throw so much heat to me. A … Continue reading wake up call

what is a pride? – a tale of one and the other

One man was born without even a single pride planted inside his soul when the other was born full of joy and greeting. The poor man started its life without a single clear image of what it would become when the other could choose so many things across the street. One man had to stand … Continue reading what is a pride? – a tale of one and the other

afternoon – 3

Another afternoon after working hour. Believe or not, not long before these pictures were taken, the rain had dropped for a few minutes. And there was no clear sign that rain had already happened. Good day!

interviews | Daily Prompt: The Interview

If other people want to interview their idols, their favorite character both real and imaginary, then I would like to start from the simplest: me. Now, please let me begin my interview with this appeared-to-be-ordinary gentlemen. First, how do you describe yourself? Second and the last, how do you want your life is going to … Continue reading interviews | Daily Prompt: The Interview

hands on deck, anyone?

There was once a moment when I questioned myself the reason behind hiding my hand inside my jacket pockets. Not trouser pocket, jacket pocket. For some reason I feel weird to pocket my hand there but jacket is another thing. First reason would be that my environment for that time was cold so every time … Continue reading hands on deck, anyone?


How many times have I watched you from afar? It's been so long since I first met you under the rain of February. The rain which was heavy as was my feelings to convey a message. The downpour which understood the complain of my whisper about the sound it made to cover all my intention … Continue reading uncertainty

talk about love | Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

Well, since this is love what I have to write about, I won't talk in detail about love between parent and their children or husband with his wife, wife with her husband, children to their parents, teacher to students, and another kind of similar thing, no. So, We each have many types of love relationships … Continue reading talk about love | Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

Rain Op – 3

He was standing by the window with heavy rain outside the ward. His wet black coat was still worn along with his soaked hair. Rain droplets were falling as he stood against the moist from the window. His gaze was pointed to long horizon before him as sun hid behind the sea of clouds. His … Continue reading Rain Op – 3

Some Tips For Blogging | Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

For those who seek my experience in blogging world, I can only tell you these much. First, always be honest in your writing. You don’t need to be ashamed of what you write about anything you. Everyone has unique experiences in their own journey and when they publish their stories, they publish to the world … Continue reading Some Tips For Blogging | Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

Secret? What secret? | Daily Prompt: Evasive Action

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out? Well, there are secrets I have been keeping for a while and I plan to do this until forever, o-snap! The problem, which I consider to be not a problem, is that I am forgetful person so when ever I agree … Continue reading Secret? What secret? | Daily Prompt: Evasive Action