Rain Op – 3

He was standing by the window with heavy rain outside the ward. His wet black coat was still worn along with his soaked hair. Rain droplets were falling as he stood against the moist from the window. His gaze was pointed to long horizon before him as sun hid behind the sea of clouds. His mind replayed the old movie of yesterday, the day he was unable to foresee. His left hand was gloved as one of his eyes had lost its vision for sometime and closed to rest.

On bed no more than five steps from where he was standing, one person lied unconscious and so much medical equipments tried to support the sick to stay alive and breathing. The blood pressure was low and the face was pale. He reckoned the face so easy as if the he had met the victim since long before yesterday yet he hadn’t.

Once in a while he answered his phone by using his wireless microphone describing how the victim was going and always he said that everything was fine and under control. His headquarter had long abandoned him for all matters of all places yet that day he got so many calls from them. The parents of the sick had been already called few hours ago and they said they were on their way to the hospital said the nurse. He looked upon his old insignia with rosette carved on it. He said to the doctor he needed no treatment nor medication for his injuries since he understood what there was no way for them to cure his wounds.

He heard the sounds from outside the room upon the closed door and he easily recognized whose sounds were that. The eyes of the victim started to open as that person regained some awareness. He glanced to the bed and listened to the approaching footsteps as the victim tried to wander his saying.

Who’s that?

He understood that the victim was ready to wake up responding the the noises outside the door. He smiled and whispered.

Hope we will never have to meet again, kid.

The door was opened and all things seen before the comer were vanishing moist, wide opened window, and a pair of wet shoe trails. The rain didn’t get to be lighter and he was nowhere to be seen.


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