interviews | Daily Prompt: The Interview

If other people want to interview their idols, their favorite character both real and imaginary, then I would like to start from the simplest: me. Now, please let me begin my interview with this appeared-to-be-ordinary gentlemen.

First, how do you describe yourself?

Second and the last, how do you want your life is going to be?

Many will say or respond like “only two question? seriously?”. Well, I am glad to say that is them all, complete for me. For me, these two represents the starting point of most human being. First question will force them to think about their own self. Their characteristic, their unique values, their strength and weakness, will be revealed by answering this question. If one can’t answer the first, including me, I daresay they or me don’t know their self. Our condition today is a simple reflection of what we have done in the past and our very present and the best condition ever. So, first question is about past and today, the things that make us today.

Second question will hunt you for what your desires are, your goals, and your methods to achieve them. I’d like to say methods come later and the first thing we, including me, need to understand is what we want. Without knowing our desires clearly, we can’t make plans. We won’t do anything which has benefit for us. We will just end up in some other people’s dream, helping them without helping ourselves, and make their dreams comes true and our dreams buried deeply in long forgotten ruins of our own making. What I want to say is that we should prioritize social needs ahead of ours but that doesn’t mean we have to forcefully forget and abandoned our dreams. For me, an ideal life is when you are happy about what you do, you are currently doing, what you are planning, and community can benefit from your works and your dreams if they are about to come true.

Third, this interview is done and you may have your time to think and thing again about your answers. This interview should be conducted every day before you end your day or go to bed but it is your choice to do this interview again or not. May this interview bring goods for you and Good day.


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