what is a pride? – a tale of one and the other

One man was born without even a single pride planted inside his soul when the other was born full of joy and greeting.

The poor man started its life without a single clear image of what it would become when the other could choose so many things across the street. One man had to stand when the other could lay down on the bed. One man needed to push the immoveable high wall when the other needed not. One man was tasked to obey when the other was set free. What would be the pride? Either the poor and the rich contains the answer people need to have and believe but again there is nothing force the people.

Pride was given to so many men and women even they didn’t recognize them as pride.  One embraced them when the other tried so hard to hide them. One tried to expose the others pride and another ones come to overlook them. One needed to lay low when the other isn’t just comfort to stand still. One hid their pride while they had to listen other people explained their own pride. One considered their pride as boxes of shame when the other thought their pride was something to expose.

One was hurt for so many reasons they couldn’t count when the other were so happy so they could even share their precious stories with so many details mentioned. One regretted the chances they had and had never had so much so they started to question God how they could do things they should’ve never done when the other greeted the chances they longed to get. The one who even asked for reasons behind their deep fall, was then trying to forget and to be forgotten by time itself.

Pride they never had before now turned into black stains on their coat of sadness for they were the ones who picked the wrong answer just to remind the people after them so they could take the right turns. Time they got before now turned into experience they would never get the happiness from it since time never had any of them at the first place. Senses they had now became the guidance light for those who came after them, senses which would go vanished along the with time as their old friends, buried under the same sky inside the same earth. Unease feeling of regret they had suffered from time to time, life to life, death to death, began to make their once soft and warm heart into black and cold stone reflected from their empty sight with their aimless eyes.

One was marked by the grave when the others were marked by so many parties.

(what did I write? well, please make your own conclusion)


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