wake up call

One time, there was this girl came into my senses. She was someone I knew, not closely, just I knew with nothing special. I sat near a lake with clear water trying to fish something, either fish itself or another animal there. Sky was bright and sun didn’t throw so much heat to me. A few clouds were above my head but they were way too small to block the sunlight. I was sitting at the pier wearing my old pair of black shoes with white shirt along with my black ordinary pants.

I knew you would be here, at your favorite spot in the city. Anything you have caught?

Her sound was also familiar. She was she, the one I longed to talk to. She was there, standing calmly with her blue jeans and yellow cardigans. Her shirt was either white or broken white and her smile was like always, beautiful, so I said.

Have seen anything like bucket or box beside me?

She walked towards me, approaching silently with her snickers and she sat beside me at the pier and took a look at the wide and vast ocean ahead.

Now I understand why you like being here. Nothing stands between you and whatever lies ahead. Such a beautiful ocean.

I played with my fishing pole hoping that would attract the fish down there. I only kept my mouth shut and listened to whatever she babbled about. Ocean, sun, cloud, and the wind were her words for one or two minutes and she turned her face to me, looked at me closely as if I were an alien or new creature she had ever met.

Are you okay? You haven’t said anything since I got here.

Why would you even stop? I like it when you talk about those things.

She smiled and continued her speech and I continued listening to her stories about fairies, sea monsters, and any other magical things from her imagination. Sometimes, when she asked about my opinion of something, I just replied lightly, either yes or no, but sometimes we argued about which of our imagination was better than the other. I didn’t even remember when the last time we sat and talk together at the pier as if this had been so long that I couldn’t even begin to remember anything but her smile.

Why are you here at the pier with me, talking about things while I am fishing for nothing as you can see, for there were times I wasn’t here and you didn’t come here either?

Suddenly, she stopped talking about her dreams, they were beautiful tough, and sweet too. She looked at me with wonder.

Because you are here, obviously. I have so many dreams, things about this and that. Only this pier, where I can put my mind off things. You listen to me when no one else does. Do I not belong here?

Whatever pleases you, milady. Sorry for asking.

I didn’t even look at her when I was talking to her while she looked at me with her clear eyes trying to see through my long and shaggy hair blown b the wind of the pier. I peeked on her sight and she captured me alright. We took a look each other and she smiled again. She continued seeing the wide open sea ahead and I followed her lead with my broken eyes.

My fishing pole was never pulled and I hadn’t gotten any fish that day. I didn’t care at all. A big city with several piers and she chose to sit beside me, talking and sightseeing with me. Where was the pier exactly? I didn’t know and I never tried to begin searching a map for my location. We just sat there side by side seeing the ocean mixed up with the sky for unknown time and unknown stories. The day was calm and refreshing noon. The day was bright and windy. I didn’t even think that the day could get any better, anymore.

(from a random scattered note with some improvisation)


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