Old Days

Cold wind blew his coat. That was autumn at the afternoon. He stood leaning his back to the dead tree with big trunk while the wind was blowing his hair everywhere.

I wonder if I am going to get cough, time like this….

In front of him was a house, a big one. A house that was once a place where he had lived for so many years was then an empty and unmaintained building. Vines and foliage were everywhere covering the street and the roof. From the window he still could see what were inside the house, a wide and open space, empty rooms, and a teddy bear sitting calmly on the couch. Streets around the house were covered by leaves of the autumn containing red, brown, and yellow leaves. He circled around the backyard which had been his favorite place to relax his mind and take his problem somewhere so he could’ve rested back then. His favorite spot was still there, idle. The bench was rusty and dry. He jumped the fence and entered the yard. He then sat on the bench and saw everything above his cloudy head until he fell asleep.

Hey, if you sleep here you will soon get cold.

He was surprised and woke up. He saw a shadow of a lady whose voice was soft and calm and her face was charming and so was her smile. She grabbed his hand and pulled him over the house. He saw his old friends inside having a lunch. She brought him to his chair and foods were served already. She then sat next to him to his right. She smiled and started eating. He looked around and regaled the moment that his old friends were there and he was about to have lunch together with them all.

The room was filled with joy and happiness. He talked to all of his friends and laughed together. They threw their jokes to each other and laughed at them altogether. It seemed just like the old times. Desserts were puddings and fruits. He took a pudding and poured it with chocolate and caramel sauce. They still talked to each other but the intensity was lower as if they were tired already.

I would like to go to bed now. See you guys at tomorrow morning.

Look at him, he’s easy to sleep. This hasn’t even been night.

Well,  I don’t know. He’s right. I also want to go to bed. See you, guys.

In short, there were four people left including him. He was drinking his chocolate milk and thinking what was happened recently.

You know too much chocolate isn’t good for you, right?

She smiled and continued eating her dessert.

Yeah, she is right. You haven’t changed since last time we met, still a chocolate-eating boy. I wonder how you keep your teeth clean.

Okay, what about you then? You also haven’t changed in ages like consuming a big bowl of ice cream like that in autumn while I am drinking this warm chocolate milk. Who have senses more than the others then, eh?

These light conversations lasted about an hour.

Thank you for coming today anyway, Mr. Chocolate-eating man. This reunion wouldn’t be this complete without you. Well, technically, absence of single person can make any reunion incomplete. Okay, I’m headed bed now. See you later.

She and her friend went upstairs. On the dining table, he was left alone with his friends already asleep upstairs. He hadn’t been sleepy yet so he walked to the hall to the balcony. He saw the same scene of beauty ahead. Evergreen canopy mixed with seasonal forest and the sound of a giant waterfall near the house brought him away for a moment. Clouds started to become dark and thunder was on the sky. The rain came. He picked up the nearest chair and put it in the balcony. He sat and watched the nature acting with her magnificent performance until he fell asleep there.

Suddenly, the thunder came with his frightening voice and woke him up from his sleep. He woke up alone on the rusty bench at the backyard of the house. The rain had just come. He turned his head around to hear the sounds of silence and the whispers of the dead. The house was empty and through the windows he could see what was inside. The teddy bear still sat calmly on the couch and the house was then covered by the rain which washed away the leaves from the roof. He was alone.


What is of Winter?

One man stood in his jet black winter coat along with its hood. He carried a small pouch containing a present of that day celebration. He walked his only belonging through the scanner and checkpoint after his plane landed. A few steps he made to get out from the airport with the coldly dry wind greeting his presence in the country.

What a white winter. So this is how the most eastern part of the world looks like.

He tightened his collar and put the pouch inside his jacket pocket. He wondered where to go. He was lucky for already finishing his course on languages so he could understand what he couldn’t have before. He got to the train station by walking. He wasn’t like any other people who relied on their GPS. He was an old school for he that day brought a pocket-sized map of the city.

To think that celebration would be held here, out of their native country, they must be none other than super rich people. I wonder what they did after graduation long ago and if these eyes can hold any longer in this weather.

He got off the train and continued his journey by walking. He followed the street shown on his map turning his head left and right just to make sure he wasn’t lost in this white heaven. He arrived at the appointed place and also late was he from appointed hour. He knew the sheath and the sword already had met before anything flashed his eyes. He turned on his favorite clip of song once played in a certain game trailer and watch the ceremony to start and to end with clapping hands and happily teary eyes. He watched all at once from afar.

What of this winter, really?

He walked, climbed the stairs slowly as if he was going to let the occasion finish. His mind began to ruin and build so many things, so many scenarios about what to do and not to do, what to say and not to say,  of all things from this calm and white winter. He arrived at the peak and walked towards the celebration. He took the present from his pocket with his right hand for the audience had belief that giving something was better done by using right hand not left hand.

Welcome. You are not from here, are you? What are you friend of?

They knew that he wasn’t a native and couldn’t speak native language as like the other audience. He smiled and wrote his name on the guestbook and handed the present to receptionist

Actually, I am more a friend of the audience. We shared the same background back then. Oh, by the way I saw people giving presents for this celebration. Please accept this humble gift and this is the invitation card. They said I would need this to prove that I was invited.

Yes, thank you. Enjoy your reunion, sir.

It was only natural if receptionist was full of smiles when giving registration etc. services for the guest. He entered the ballroom and recalled the same air like back in the country. Just like always, jet black long trousers paired with multicolor shirt and jet black dinner jacket with a pair of well-shined shoes, that was his all outfit for winter.


His friends approached him and other handshakes were in order. He smiled and was surprised that he didn’t think the audience would be this complete. The celebration holder had to be so generous for accommodating audience this much.

Hey, how did you get here? A plane? Our batch got free tickets, you know. So we thought, what the hell? Free ticket abroad for a celebration? Of course we’re in. What about you, they also sent one to you, right?

No, they didn’t. I refused since I couldn’t be sure where the ticket could be sent. Well, yeah, what is this talk for? What is more important than celebrating our friends successful life? Come on, I’ll grab a bowl of fruit. I hope they serve one.

Good idea! Guys, let get something to eat. Ceremony was a bit longer than I thought. I haven’t eaten anything since this morning.

They were about to get some food from the table when one of my friends suddenly realized we hadn’t given our proper greeting to the holder.

Hey, wait. Have we given our greeting to the celebration holder? Yeah, hey you, don’t start eating now before giving a proper salute to the holder.

Wait up! I am coming with you, guys!

These holder were surely friendly with everyone. He noticed there were so many foreigners giving their best greetings. He waited and when it came to his turn he wondered what to say. Their colleagues said so many things and he only gave his smile.

Two things I would like to say. First, thank you for inviting me here and second, May God bless you, old friends.

The greeting event longed for about thirty minutes. In the meanwhile, he grabbed a bowl of fruits he intended to do earlier. He sat at the corner far from the crowd answering his messages on his phone and watching the dances performed by the king with the queen along with the audiences. He still had four hours tops until he had to board the plane home. That wasn’t technically called home but he was fine with that. Having finished with answering messages, he rose up and had a little chit-chat with his friends regarding the ballroom, architecture, style, weather, and pretty much anything related to that day.

I wonder how long it has to be until I can finally be like the king.

Yeah, I am kind of thinking the same thing too. What about you?

They pointed the conversation to him.

Hmm, I wouldn’t dare to think besides this fruits are surely delicious. I think I’ll grab another bowl. Want some?

Come on, why do you always avoid things like this?

Well, first thing is that I am hungry, the second is that I don’t know since I am not ready. Classic, eh?

They doh-ed him and said something he didn’t care. He just ate the fruits from his bowl, again.

Time surely flew fast and the sun was set and replaced by the moon. His flight would depart soon and he bid the greatest farewell he could ever give. The king greeted him.

Why leaving so fast? At least, have a dinner with us.

He would like to answer that he had things to do and regarding his already tainted intentions he shouldn’t be here any longer but he just said classic and outdated jokes.

My flight will depart soon and if I don’t go now, I will miss the flight.

Ah, that’s too bad. Okay then. Thank you for coming and have a safe flight.

I will. Bye for now, old friend.

I always wonder your reason for wearing those black long coat and that peculiar glove on your left hand.

He smiled at them and turned back. He walked to the door and got out from the ballroom. The radio chatter wasn’t kidding. The snow storm was coming at his way and of course his flight would be delayed for a few hours and that few hours would be long enough to him to enjoy the reunion a little bit more.

Flight will surely be delayed alright but not my departure.

He vanished just like the water stream amongst the snowstorm without making sounds and leaving tracks or scents behind as if he was never there.

What is of winter?
Is it toast of winter?
Is it celebration of winter?
Is it dance of winter?
Is it friend of winter?
Is it life of winter?
Is it lie of winter?

He was never there.

what to see and what you do see

Somehow in this crumbled mind, I figured that my eyes didn’t function properly especially after meeting with several people without eyes, whom just said,

Why do I have to see everything like you do behind those glasses?

It hit me. Really? What have these eyes seen lately? Were they scientific and mathematical phenomenon with proof or another lesson? Or just pleasures? What is to blame is that when my eyesight has been degraded so much, I came to this conclusion. Why not earlier?

Having such a limited eyesight can mean that the glasses wearer has to be careful with what they would like to see because there is a clear barrier which separates what they, I, have to see and what they, I, do see actually.

In reality you might see you friend getting married, having graduation either in the country or abroad, spending their holidays at somewhere else but at times they weren’t meant to be seen. Have ever you ever asked yourself why you saw such things? Or you just enjoyed what you saw? Have you ever looked for deeper meaning of all those thing you have seen with so much curiosity?

For ones things like these are useless even they are only burden for their beautiful mind and for another these things make them more cautious and sometimes lame. Among things you see everyday, have you ever thought about one of them thoroughly in details so you find the meaning, the reason why that is what you see and no other? Like, why does a little boy runs around the busy street bare feet without proper overwatch from his parents?

I, maybe you also, have so many things you want to see but they are not what you have to see. You, I, want to see the beauty of phenomenon without acknowledging what kind of darkness lingers around them. You, I, want to watch good shows and events without even asking how the shows are run or who are those behind the performance. Sometimes we refuse to see things we urgently have to see, things which will lead us to better understanding before giving judgment and speech.

Ones without eyesight even said,

You may have proper eyes to see the world in better view than we but do we have worse sight than you have?

They were right. What they see from the blindness is darkness. Everything is black but because of black itself they always tried to understand everything based on anything beside the figures of things. They might not know how car is built and what car looks but they can understand the noise, the smoke, the sound of the engine. Their limited eyesight turns their other senses even sharper.

One thing they said was that ones with eyesight should be careful not because of what they see but because of what they don’t see because they don’t want to see. When ones reject something, refuse to do something, that thing sometime and somehow could be against them.




wake up call, again

The wind from the darkening clouds above blew everything they could on the surface creating so many small waves. I was under the sky standing against the wind at the over watch when someone suddenly shouted at me.

Someone wants to see you!

I know, I know. Let her come.

She entered the room introduced by unknown sound but introduction was definitely done by a female. The introduced woman came and her face was the same as one I had encountered long ago but she looked older and tired than usual.

We meet again at last after our last time together.

The room changed into silence and no one else found but us. She sat on the bench at the park under a big and tall tree with its falling leaves. Her face was really older but it still had the beauty from her former days.  Her jacket was thick as if she was chilled by the weather. I didn’t join her at the seat since I stood in front of her leaning my back against the wall and put my hands inside my pockets. My eyes turned red because of the dry and cold climate but her eyes were as bright as ever without compromise from the wind.

Is there anything you need to say?

Is it still hard to forgive?

I never hold a grudge yet you believe I do. I have no other explanation.

She tried to look my in the eye but again she couldn’t stay long. For a second she pointed her sight on me but then she turned her face away and took a look at the distance. Her height wasn’t changed since last time I met her so many years ago. I remembered when she said to her friends about her fear of my presence which made my dear friend be her message conveyor. I never knew that everything had changed over the years that she was now in front me talking like the way she had ever done long ago.

You, who live outside the time, would probably not understand me growing old and aging for every second. Having my hair turned white, losing power year after year, wearing thicker and thicker jacket, and you won’t probably understand what it is to feel dying.

Her eyes showed so much sadness but she still held her tears of which I didn’t understand. I still stood with my back leaning against the wall. Despite being hated and she understood that very clearly, she didn’t show any remorse. She stood tall and her sight far. She didn’t look like being dragged down. Her sight was still as clear as ever.

Above her head a shadow of pale white hooded man blessed her with his mercy or at least that was all I could see.

I have never intended to make an offense but now I think we have a chance to make a disclosure for each of us.

She turned to me silently and calmly.

Really? After all this time?

Besides you still haven’t done what I told you.

She sat again on the same bench and the night had fallen unto us covered our presence into darkness but moon still provided its grace. My eyes then turned normal again and I had to wear my glasses to complete my sight.  She drooped her face down and I hadn’t move from my position. She then looked at me with teary eyes.

Seriously? How is that a disclosure? You may think that’s easy since you live out of time’s bound but me? You may be able to forget anything, do anything carelessly, and take everything as nothing, but me? I couldn’t do that in my early days and now that time is of the essence to come here, you want me to erase everything?

I stood still and thought of nothing but the matter we had dealt long ago. I still remembered what had happened that day. We didn’t speak for a while until alarm sang loudly.

whole meal in a pill

Would I do it? – I hope I don’t have to. Why, you ask?

Because, eating is one of a few moments I, and probably you, to spend time together with either friends, family, or both. If the meals are changed into one single pill, well, I guess there will be no more time eating together. From time-saving-point of view, using this way of eating can be a really time saving but in frequent occurrences, many deals has been signed in the dining table. So, please don’t change all food into pills.

Moreover, technically, how do people pack so much nutrition from so many food and drink out there into one single pill? Okay, not all food and drink, let say only primary food and drink such as rice, meat, vegetables, some fruit, and some milk. Can they pack them into one pill? If that happens, I can say atomic compression is possible then.

Well, I certainly do not agree and I won’t do it, at least today. Good day.

dead city | Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

Place I want to go dearly, eh? Actually, I have been dreaming about going to Paris or Venice thanks to The Saboteur and Assassin’s Creed 2 but recently, things changed. For so many unknown reasons, I goggle-ed things about Russia and Ukraine and then it hit me, I wonder if I go to a place which is seclusive. What do you mean by seclusive, I ask myself. Simple, the place that is used to be crowd and today that place is silent. The answer is simple tough, Pripyat.

from https://i2.wp.com/englishrussia.com/images/new_images//pripyat-8.jpg
Pripyat [http://englishrussia.com/images/new_images//pripyat-8.jpg]

Many will think that I am crazy for wanting to go there but in my mind, dead city like Pripyat has something else. You know that when the nuclear reactor blew up, all citizens went out from town immediately and left their belongings behind and until now, nothing has changed at all there. So, that is what I call, time has stopped there.

Seeing nature claiming what it rightfully owns and empty buildings and untouched and abandoned things seem interesting to me. I know that radiation is still high in some places but that isn’t a reason to step back. I am pretty sure that there are other people who share the same opinion with me. A view of seeing dead city is unforgettable moment.