dead city | Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

Place I want to go dearly, eh? Actually, I have been dreaming about going to Paris or Venice thanks to The Saboteur and Assassin’s Creed 2 but recently, things changed. For so many unknown reasons, I goggle-ed things about Russia and Ukraine and then it hit me, I wonder if I go to a place which is seclusive. What do you mean by seclusive, I ask myself. Simple, the place that is used to be crowd and today that place is silent. The answer is simple tough, Pripyat.

Pripyat []

Many will think that I am crazy for wanting to go there but in my mind, dead city like Pripyat has something else. You know that when the nuclear reactor blew up, all citizens went out from town immediately and left their belongings behind and until now, nothing has changed at all there. So, that is what I call, time has stopped there.

Seeing nature claiming what it rightfully owns and empty buildings and untouched and abandoned things seem interesting to me. I know that radiation is still high in some places but that isn’t a reason to step back. I am pretty sure that there are other people who share the same opinion with me. A view of seeing dead city is unforgettable moment.


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