whole meal in a pill

Would I do it? – I hope I don’t have to. Why, you ask?

Because, eating is one of a few moments I, and probably you, to spend time together with either friends, family, or both. If the meals are changed into one single pill, well, I guess there will be no more time eating together. From time-saving-point of view, using this way of eating can be a really time saving but in frequent occurrences, many deals has been signed in the dining table. So, please don’t change all food into pills.

Moreover, technically, how do people pack so much nutrition from so many food and drink out there into one single pill? Okay, not all food and drink, let say only primary food and drink such as rice, meat, vegetables, some fruit, and some milk. Can they pack them into one pill? If that happens, I can say atomic compression is possible then.

Well, I certainly do not agree and I won’t do it, at least today. Good day.


Author: anwari

Bachelor in Informatics, Interested in Gaming, Language & Literature, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

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