wake up call, again

The wind from the darkening clouds above blew everything they could on the surface creating so many small waves. I was under the sky standing against the wind at the over watch when someone suddenly shouted at me.

Someone wants to see you!

I know, I know. Let her come.

She entered the room introduced by unknown sound but introduction was definitely done by a female. The introduced woman came and her face was the same as one I had encountered long ago but she looked older and tired than usual.

We meet again at last after our last time together.

The room changed into silence and no one else found but us. She sat on the bench at the park under a big and tall tree with its falling leaves. Her face was really older but it still had the beauty from her former days.  Her jacket was thick as if she was chilled by the weather. I didn’t join her at the seat since I stood in front of her leaning my back against the wall and put my hands inside my pockets. My eyes turned red because of the dry and cold climate but her eyes were as bright as ever without compromise from the wind.

Is there anything you need to say?

Is it still hard to forgive?

I never hold a grudge yet you believe I do. I have no other explanation.

She tried to look my in the eye but again she couldn’t stay long. For a second she pointed her sight on me but then she turned her face away and took a look at the distance. Her height wasn’t changed since last time I met her so many years ago. I remembered when she said to her friends about her fear of my presence which made my dear friend be her message conveyor. I never knew that everything had changed over the years that she was now in front me talking like the way she had ever done long ago.

You, who live outside the time, would probably not understand me growing old and aging for every second. Having my hair turned white, losing power year after year, wearing thicker and thicker jacket, and you won’t probably understand what it is to feel dying.

Her eyes showed so much sadness but she still held her tears of which I didn’t understand. I still stood with my back leaning against the wall. Despite being hated and she understood that very clearly, she didn’t show any remorse. She stood tall and her sight far. She didn’t look like being dragged down. Her sight was still as clear as ever.

Above her head a shadow of pale white hooded man blessed her with his mercy or at least that was all I could see.

I have never intended to make an offense but now I think we have a chance to make a disclosure for each of us.

She turned to me silently and calmly.

Really? After all this time?

Besides you still haven’t done what I told you.

She sat again on the same bench and the night had fallen unto us covered our presence into darkness but moon still provided its grace. My eyes then turned normal again and I had to wear my glasses to complete my sight.  She drooped her face down and I hadn’t move from my position. She then looked at me with teary eyes.

Seriously? How is that a disclosure? You may think that’s easy since you live out of time’s bound but me? You may be able to forget anything, do anything carelessly, and take everything as nothing, but me? I couldn’t do that in my early days and now that time is of the essence to come here, you want me to erase everything?

I stood still and thought of nothing but the matter we had dealt long ago. I still remembered what had happened that day. We didn’t speak for a while until alarm sang loudly.


3 Replies to “wake up call, again”

    1. you thought this was a true story, didn’t you? well, it’s a mix between a fiction and non fiction also, I have gotten my dinner back in the office. maybe another time then, friend.


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