what to see and what you do see

Somehow in this crumbled mind, I figured that my eyes didn’t function properly especially after meeting with several people without eyes, whom just said,

Why do I have to see everything like you do behind those glasses?

It hit me. Really? What have these eyes seen lately? Were they scientific and mathematical phenomenon with proof or another lesson? Or just pleasures? What is to blame is that when my eyesight has been degraded so much, I came to this conclusion. Why not earlier?

Having such a limited eyesight can mean that the glasses wearer has to be careful with what they would like to see because there is a clear barrier which separates what they, I, have to see and what they, I, do see actually.

In reality you might see you friend getting married, having graduation either in the country or abroad, spending their holidays at somewhere else but at times they weren’t meant to be seen. Have ever you ever asked yourself why you saw such things? Or you just enjoyed what you saw? Have you ever looked for deeper meaning of all those thing you have seen with so much curiosity?

For ones things like these are useless even they are only burden for their beautiful mind and for another these things make them more cautious and sometimes lame. Among things you see everyday, have you ever thought about one of them thoroughly in details so you find the meaning, the reason why that is what you see and no other? Like, why does a little boy runs around the busy street bare feet without proper overwatch from his parents?

I, maybe you also, have so many things you want to see but they are not what you have to see. You, I, want to see the beauty of phenomenon without acknowledging what kind of darkness lingers around them. You, I, want to watch good shows and events without even asking how the shows are run or who are those behind the performance. Sometimes we refuse to see things we urgently have to see, things which will lead us to better understanding before giving judgment and speech.

Ones without eyesight even said,

You may have proper eyes to see the world in better view than we but do we have worse sight than you have?

They were right. What they see from the blindness is darkness. Everything is black but because of black itself they always tried to understand everything based on anything beside the figures of things. They might not know how car is built and what car looks but they can understand the noise, the smoke, the sound of the engine. Their limited eyesight turns their other senses even sharper.

One thing they said was that ones with eyesight should be careful not because of what they see but because of what they don’t see because they don’t want to see. When ones reject something, refuse to do something, that thing sometime and somehow could be against them.





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