Old Days

Cold wind blew his coat. That was autumn at the afternoon. He stood leaning his back to the dead tree with big trunk while the wind was blowing his hair everywhere.

I wonder if I am going to get cough, time like this….

In front of him was a house, a big one. A house that was once a place where he had lived for so many years was then an empty and unmaintained building. Vines and foliage were everywhere covering the street and the roof. From the window he still could see what were inside the house, a wide and open space, empty rooms, and a teddy bear sitting calmly on the couch. Streets around the house were covered by leaves of the autumn containing red, brown, and yellow leaves. He circled around the backyard which had been his favorite place to relax his mind and take his problem somewhere so he could’ve rested back then. His favorite spot was still there, idle. The bench was rusty and dry. He jumped the fence and entered the yard. He then sat on the bench and saw everything above his cloudy head until he fell asleep.

Hey, if you sleep here you will soon get cold.

He was surprised and woke up. He saw a shadow of a lady whose voice was soft and calm and her face was charming and so was her smile. She grabbed his hand and pulled him over the house. He saw his old friends inside having a lunch. She brought him to his chair and foods were served already. She then sat next to him to his right. She smiled and started eating. He looked around and regaled the moment that his old friends were there and he was about to have lunch together with them all.

The room was filled with joy and happiness. He talked to all of his friends and laughed together. They threw their jokes to each other and laughed at them altogether. It seemed just like the old times. Desserts were puddings and fruits. He took a pudding and poured it with chocolate and caramel sauce. They still talked to each other but the intensity was lower as if they were tired already.

I would like to go to bed now. See you guys at tomorrow morning.

Look at him, he’s easy to sleep. This hasn’t even been night.

Well,  I don’t know. He’s right. I also want to go to bed. See you, guys.

In short, there were four people left including him. He was drinking his chocolate milk and thinking what was happened recently.

You know too much chocolate isn’t good for you, right?

She smiled and continued eating her dessert.

Yeah, she is right. You haven’t changed since last time we met, still a chocolate-eating boy. I wonder how you keep your teeth clean.

Okay, what about you then? You also haven’t changed in ages like consuming a big bowl of ice cream like that in autumn while I am drinking this warm chocolate milk. Who have senses more than the others then, eh?

These light conversations lasted about an hour.

Thank you for coming today anyway, Mr. Chocolate-eating man. This reunion wouldn’t be this complete without you. Well, technically, absence of single person can make any reunion incomplete. Okay, I’m headed bed now. See you later.

She and her friend went upstairs. On the dining table, he was left alone with his friends already asleep upstairs. He hadn’t been sleepy yet so he walked to the hall to the balcony. He saw the same scene of beauty ahead. Evergreen canopy mixed with seasonal forest and the sound of a giant waterfall near the house brought him away for a moment. Clouds started to become dark and thunder was on the sky. The rain came. He picked up the nearest chair and put it in the balcony. He sat and watched the nature acting with her magnificent performance until he fell asleep there.

Suddenly, the thunder came with his frightening voice and woke him up from his sleep. He woke up alone on the rusty bench at the backyard of the house. The rain had just come. He turned his head around to hear the sounds of silence and the whispers of the dead. The house was empty and through the windows he could see what was inside. The teddy bear still sat calmly on the couch and the house was then covered by the rain which washed away the leaves from the roof. He was alone.


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