Life Is Not Quite Simple | Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

What is it life without computers? This challenge is quite tough, even if I have the answer, which I have!

This particular life without computer has been, you can say, an accidental routine. First thing started with super-rare-to-no internet connection back when I am home. I understand this phenomenon because signal receiving in my home is really bad, even for normal short message it takes more than one attempts. Since my computer is only functioning with internet, which is caused by my work, when I enter my home, I am forced to take a day off. Two days home means two days off and so on.

Is it easy? People might say hard and difficult since there will be no Facebook, Twitter, a bunch of ding-dongs from email boxes, and online games. However, because of this computer blackout I tend to find anything which is not related to computer. That is why getting home means getting out with a few friends and family. It is either just hanging out or taking morning walk down the garden located in few meters from my home. These kind of activities are not that bad. Comparing with computer which is just forcing my eyes to look at the monitor(s), listening to the same music, even typing the same word into the same text pad, taking fresh air and chatting with friends are better that those.

What if there is not any friends left because of different schedule between mine and theirs? This one is even simpler. I just lay down on the floor, watching the backyard through the windows, real ones. Is this exciting? I wouldn’t know but this works for me. Seeing nature by our own eyes is far better than watching nature from monitors. Besides, there is still family. Instead of wasting time sitting in front of computer, why not having conversation with them? Honestly, I only take computer in holidays because of being alone at dorm room and hardly finding people to chat.

Anything else? Eating! I do not understand either why food always changes its tastes. I mean, ya it has been delicious before but every time I get home, the same food always tastes different.This might be like the first is delicious and the next is better or the first is bad and the nest is even worse or the first is delicious and the next is good but in the different way or the other combinations but this is not any matter, really. The other thing is that eating with people you have know for a long time is not similar with eating alone. It just feels comfortable.

At the end, I cannot mentioned all the reason there is no problem with me being computer blacked out and as long as this just happens occasionally and temporary, I am fine with that. If this happens on daily basis, I would be in trouble. I need my computer to get my work and gaming done. Wait, what about being unable to blog? That is easy. I would just write the posts offline and post them right away when internet connection is available.

So, what are your escape plans for being unable to use computer?


back to school | Daily Prompt: Back to School

This answer to challenge provided here could be a bit weird since not all countries have common regulation about their education system.  Please let me begin.

Being able to go back to school may be the best thing I really want to be. Being at school is like having almost infinite chances to see everything with every point of view possible and those chances sometimes are limited by time, which is only 24 hours a day, and a power along with endurance of a single man. Talking about subject, to be honest, I had nothing good related to subject. I had every additional exam just to make up my score from every original exam. Therefore, if there is a chance to master a subject, I would like to scream, “Why just one subject? Why not all subjects?” and that is not quite good since a single one can be difficult.

A biology and mathematics are ones I have been longing to conquer. Why, you ask? Because my grades were generally poor for those two, even lower than my score for art subject. Why biology? No reason, I just like sightseeing wildlife even the closest wildlife I have encountered with my own eyes is just small forest behind my home. Mathematics? People surely hate this kind of subject since it is well-known as a devil subject and I do hate it. However, behind that hatred towards this one, I found something quite exciting and weird about this one. I mean like, how do people count infinite number?; where are the numbers of infinity? Weird things are always easy to catch my mind’s attention.

Okay, now down to business: one subject, what would it be? I daresay it’s mathematics over biology. Reason? I don’t know anything else except what I have written above. Mathematics is surely weird stuff and it becomes even stranger when I go further into the depth of it.

letter to my younger self

This post is inspired by this one. It actually hit me in the head that sometimes people have their own regret and willingly go back to time where they made the mistakes and fix them. So, I have an idea to write something about this.

Mistakes are what make people learn and grow. If everything goes smoothly, where is the fun in that? So, if there is a postman who can deliver my mail to my younger self, here is what I will write to me:

Dear young one,

You might not believe that this letter comes from the future you but trust me, it is true. You tomorrow will make a grave decision about having this* and that**. Decisions that will make you in despair of not admitting that you choose them by yourself. Deals that make you have to lie over and over again in the future, wronged facts of which you have been declining for so long even in the future you will refuse anything about those false statements, false statements which you make in you head.

Young one, you are now in he middle of devil’s bags; one of them is a honey and the other is sweet poison. If you choose the honey, you will certainly have a good time and great experiences but then again, all of those are lies. Sweet poison may be delicious on your tongue but again, it will crumble your unstable mind. If you take your greed, you will not only lose your life but also your name. You have your friends, indeed but then they will certainly start to abandon you alone in the swamp of sorrows.

I understand that you have your close and loyal comrades back in your school. I know you trust them so much but don’t you realize that a few years from now you won’t be with them again? One of them may die within a couple of year or so and the other who live will continue their life without fail and you will be their, neither second nor third nor tenth, but may be the last thing they will consider. Choosing the devil’s offers only means losing your elder’s trust and then you will have to let go their wings which is now you are under.

***(more story of regrets)***

Young one, everything happens to me now, in my own time is nothing but consequences of your account and miscalculation. Every statement I get today is based on yourself, which is my past now. So, think about it. Think about that will happen, consider myself a mirror before you act.

Sincerely, your future you.

Well, I probably don’t want to explain what * and ** are meant to be, but you have got my point. We all acknowledge that our younger self is more stupid than we are today because they are lack of experiences unlike us. Their thoughts are dull and ours today are even far sharper. I still cannot image how my younger would act if he got my message about this. Would his mind accept the facts I have today, or simply just ignore them all as if there is nothing wrong in me.

So, what is your letter for your younger self once time machine is invented?

A time to write

People sometimes ask me when I write within this blog.

Most thing I do everyday is in the front of my computer, in this case, my laptop. When I get stuck at one problem the first thing I do is take a look outside. This one is easy because my desk is sometimes by the window. Well, this can keep my eyes fresh and ready to go again in couple of minutes. If I find something interesting out there from the window, my brain makes two options: write it or leave it. There were many chances I missed the writing because of my current task but somehow that didn’t always long that far. At one point, I can be unable to think and in front of my computer there are at least two options to do: do one or two hours of gaming or do something else like writing.

First choice is what I would gladly to do but it has high risks, not only potential risks. First risk is that if I am found by my supervisor while playing game in office hour. I could avoid this by using headphones or mute the sounds but when people notice your fingers are surprisingly more active than usual not mention your mouse activity, they usually understand immediately that you are playing. Risk number two: I may lose my checkpoint. What checkpoint? In times of works, I have to make my own checkpoint like where I stand in this project, what I will do after certain things done, or what not to do because of something else. Gaming usually makes me forget all of those so when I get back to work, I forget what I have to do. Adjusting mind from relax to focused status isn’t that easy and sometimes it takes quite a long time.

Second choice is to take something else, something besides gaming. Well, there are a lot of things. Let say they are like watching some funny videos posted online on Youtube, Vimeo, or somewhere else, answering email if there is any, checking on Facebook, looking for interaction on Twitter, or open one of two forums to find something interesting like game or something. Another thing is writing. Since I have a blog, it is just a normal thing to update my blog sometimes. You may notice that contents provided here are mostly about anything, about nothing in specific. These writings are reflection of my mind when escaping from work and that is why you won’t find anything serious here, just fun and random stuffs. Is there any other thing I do in purpose of escaping from daily madness? Well, last option is music but I am trying to not do this because when I turn the music on, my mind starts to wander and if that happens, I will be more difficult to get my mind back. True story.

Then, making time is the only hope. Why not in weekend? My place to stay has difficulties with internet connection and I don’t know and understand why. As long as I can open my emails, check on Facebook/Twitter, chat with some people out there, and playing online MMORPGs, I wouldn’t even be mad about it. It is indeed suitable connection for blogging but I don’t really like to write from home. Besides, I need to rest a lot so mostly my weekends have been wasted on sleeping and visiting my neighborhood. You know, sightseeing, so no computer mostly. So, making time then. Is that possible? I happen to do it. If you have something you want to do very dearly and yo are too busy to do it, make time. There is always a time to people who are looking for it.

first impression of nature | Daily Prompt: The Natural World

Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?

This is hard, truly. I have been around small forest, small river, and small area of plantation and there are plenty of them around my home. Deciding my first impression would be confusing. You can see set of photos taken by my phone camera in this very blog, like this one, this one, and this one. I haven’t captured the river in picture, tough. Maybe it’ll be done at some other time.

So, what is the description?

There is an old building which was a building for kindergarten. This particular building is already mentioned in one of two links provided above. Back when I was in elementary school, if I’m not mistaken, there was a small bench made of concrete in the middle of playground. I remember the season was rainy season and my hometown got a lot of rain, especially the hard ones. The cloud was grey and a bit black as if they were going to rain very soon. The breeze was cool and a bit moist and if it blew it left a cool sensation on your body and it was nice, really.

What I did back was just sitting on the bench, well, it’s rightfully called ‘sit’ because it was like I lied down but my back was still straightened. Then I completely lied down with my bicycle parked somewhere else near a pine tree. I could the sky freely without worrying my eyes because the sun was blocked the cloud. I could smell the scent of wet grass, decomposing dead leaves, and the, I don’t know, wet soil? I think I was there lying down for more than half of an hour and I didn’t remember what the time was because all day was just cloudy and dark. Sun wasn’t able to shoot its bright ray through the cloud.

I could hear the sounds of the small birds like what you would find the in the middle of forest especially pines. There was also, sometime, a cat passing by or being lazy, lying down on the grass. I could see, barely, one or two grasshoppers jumped from one leave to another or they just simply jumped onto me. It was funny and so refreshing. When the wind blew hard enough the water from the rain, which was on the leaves up on the trees, would be blown and sometimes fell down onto my face and then I suddenly woke up and realized that wasn’t raining.

Conclusion: I can’t remember what happened precisely back then but these paragraphs are as far as I can go with my memories about nature. Generally and specifically I pronounce that this experience impressed me very much.

Thank you for reading.