A time to write

People sometimes ask me when I write within this blog.

Most thing I do everyday is in the front of my computer, in this case, my laptop. When I get stuck at one problem the first thing I do is take a look outside. This one is easy because my desk is sometimes by the window. Well, this can keep my eyes fresh and ready to go again in couple of minutes. If I find something interesting out there from the window, my brain makes two options: write it or leave it. There were many chances I missed the writing because of my current task but somehow that didn’t always long that far. At one point, I can be unable to think and in front of my computer there are at least two options to do: do one or two hours of gaming or do something else like writing.

First choice is what I would gladly to do but it has high risks, not only potential risks. First risk is that if I am found by my supervisor while playing game in office hour. I could avoid this by using headphones or mute the sounds but when people notice your fingers are surprisingly more active than usual not mention your mouse activity, they usually understand immediately that you are playing. Risk number two: I may lose my checkpoint. What checkpoint? In times of works, I have to make my own checkpoint like where I stand in this project, what I will do after certain things done, or what not to do because of something else. Gaming usually makes me forget all of those so when I get back to work, I forget what I have to do. Adjusting mind from relax to focused status isn’t that easy and sometimes it takes quite a long time.

Second choice is to take something else, something besides gaming. Well, there are a lot of things. Let say they are like watching some funny videos posted online on Youtube, Vimeo, or somewhere else, answering email if there is any, checking on Facebook, looking for interaction on Twitter, or open one of two forums to find something interesting like game or something. Another thing is writing. Since I have a blog, it is just a normal thing to update my blog sometimes. You may notice that contents provided here are mostly about anything, about nothing in specific. These writings are reflection of my mind when escaping from work and that is why you won’t find anything serious here, just fun and random stuffs. Is there any other thing I do in purpose of escaping from daily madness? Well, last option is music but I am trying to not do this because when I turn the music on, my mind starts to wander and if that happens, I will be more difficult to get my mind back. True story.

Then, making time is the only hope. Why not in weekend? My place to stay has difficulties with internet connection and I don’t know and understand why. As long as I can open my emails, check on Facebook/Twitter, chat with some people out there, and playing online MMORPGs, I wouldn’t even be mad about it. It is indeed suitable connection for blogging but I don’t really like to write from home. Besides, I need to rest a lot so mostly my weekends have been wasted on sleeping and visiting my neighborhood. You know, sightseeing, so no computer mostly. So, making time then. Is that possible? I happen to do it. If you have something you want to do very dearly and yo are too busy to do it, make time. There is always a time to people who are looking for it.


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