letter to my younger self

This post is inspired by this one. It actually hit me in the head that sometimes people have their own regret and willingly go back to time where they made the mistakes and fix them. So, I have an idea to write something about this.

Mistakes are what make people learn and grow. If everything goes smoothly, where is the fun in that? So, if there is a postman who can deliver my mail to my younger self, here is what I will write to me:

Dear young one,

You might not believe that this letter comes from the future you but trust me, it is true. You tomorrow will make a grave decision about having this* and that**. Decisions that will make you in despair of not admitting that you choose them by yourself. Deals that make you have to lie over and over again in the future, wronged facts of which you have been declining for so long even in the future you will refuse anything about those false statements, false statements which you make in you head.

Young one, you are now in he middle of devil’s bags; one of them is a honey and the other is sweet poison. If you choose the honey, you will certainly have a good time and great experiences but then again, all of those are lies. Sweet poison may be delicious on your tongue but again, it will crumble your unstable mind. If you take your greed, you will not only lose your life but also your name. You have your friends, indeed but then they will certainly start to abandon you alone in the swamp of sorrows.

I understand that you have your close and loyal comrades back in your school. I know you trust them so much but don’t you realize that a few years from now you won’t be with them again? One of them may die within a couple of year or so and the other who live will continue their life without fail and you will be their, neither second nor third nor tenth, but may be the last thing they will consider. Choosing the devil’s offers only means losing your elder’s trust and then you will have to let go their wings which is now you are under.

***(more story of regrets)***

Young one, everything happens to me now, in my own time is nothing but consequences of your account and miscalculation. Every statement I get today is based on yourself, which is my past now. So, think about it. Think about that will happen, consider myself a mirror before you act.

Sincerely, your future you.

Well, I probably don’t want to explain what * and ** are meant to be, but you have got my point. We all acknowledge that our younger self is more stupid than we are today because they are lack of experiences unlike us. Their thoughts are dull and ours today are even far sharper. I still cannot image how my younger would act if he got my message about this. Would his mind accept the facts I have today, or simply just ignore them all as if there is nothing wrong in me.

So, what is your letter for your younger self once time machine is invented?


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