back to school | Daily Prompt: Back to School

This answer to challenge provided here could be a bit weird since not all countries have common regulation about their education system.  Please let me begin.

Being able to go back to school may be the best thing I really want to be. Being at school is like having almost infinite chances to see everything with every point of view possible and those chances sometimes are limited by time, which is only 24 hours a day, and a power along with endurance of a single man. Talking about subject, to be honest, I had nothing good related to subject. I had every additional exam just to make up my score from every original exam. Therefore, if there is a chance to master a subject, I would like to scream, “Why just one subject? Why not all subjects?” and that is not quite good since a single one can be difficult.

A biology and mathematics are ones I have been longing to conquer. Why, you ask? Because my grades were generally poor for those two, even lower than my score for art subject. Why biology? No reason, I just like sightseeing wildlife even the closest wildlife I have encountered with my own eyes is just small forest behind my home. Mathematics? People surely hate this kind of subject since it is well-known as a devil subject and I do hate it. However, behind that hatred towards this one, I found something quite exciting and weird about this one. I mean like, how do people count infinite number?; where are the numbers of infinity? Weird things are always easy to catch my mind’s attention.

Okay, now down to business: one subject, what would it be? I daresay it’s mathematics over biology. Reason? I don’t know anything else except what I have written above. Mathematics is surely weird stuff and it becomes even stranger when I go further into the depth of it.


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