Life Is Not Quite Simple | Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

What is it life without computers? This challenge is quite tough, even if I have the answer, which I have!

This particular life without computer has been, you can say, an accidental routine. First thing started with super-rare-to-no internet connection back when I am home. I understand this phenomenon because signal receiving in my home is really bad, even for normal short message it takes more than one attempts. Since my computer is only functioning with internet, which is caused by my work, when I enter my home, I am forced to take a day off. Two days home means two days off and so on.

Is it easy? People might say hard and difficult since there will be no Facebook, Twitter, a bunch of ding-dongs from email boxes, and online games. However, because of this computer blackout I tend to find anything which is not related to computer. That is why getting home means getting out with a few friends and family. It is either just hanging out or taking morning walk down the garden located in few meters from my home. These kind of activities are not that bad. Comparing with computer which is just forcing my eyes to look at the monitor(s), listening to the same music, even typing the same word into the same text pad, taking fresh air and chatting with friends are better that those.

What if there is not any friends left because of different schedule between mine and theirs? This one is even simpler. I just lay down on the floor, watching the backyard through the windows, real ones. Is this exciting? I wouldn’t know but this works for me. Seeing nature by our own eyes is far better than watching nature from monitors. Besides, there is still family. Instead of wasting time sitting in front of computer, why not having conversation with them? Honestly, I only take computer in holidays because of being alone at dorm room and hardly finding people to chat.

Anything else? Eating! I do not understand either why food always changes its tastes. I mean, ya it has been delicious before but every time I get home, the same food always tastes different.This might be like the first is delicious and the next is better or the first is bad and the nest is even worse or the first is delicious and the next is good but in the different way or the other combinations but this is not any matter, really. The other thing is that eating with people you have know for a long time is not similar with eating alone. It just feels comfortable.

At the end, I cannot mentioned all the reason there is no problem with me being computer blacked out and as long as this just happens occasionally and temporary, I am fine with that. If this happens on daily basis, I would be in trouble. I need my computer to get my work and gaming done. Wait, what about being unable to blog? That is easy. I would just write the posts offline and post them right away when internet connection is available.

So, what are your escape plans for being unable to use computer?


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