one down, another goes around

Hate to say that this one is true: thinking that life is short and twenty-four-hour day is just that long enough to get up, be hurry to work, and to get back home and have a night sleep. Everything happens outside reality is just a surprise for you – in this case: me – who can’t even do a single thing but being surprised. It just sounds stupid tough.

One down: an email just has arrived when I have just gotten into my room and opened my laptop. I stumbled upon the screen and started thinking; this pretty girl I know now has been engaged and then will begin her new life which then will be a bit complex; a girl who back then had to cross my mind because of her sitting position in the classroom now has been someone else’s partner; a girl whom was then I was afraid of confessing to because a few silly things – a few but they were big deal – has been proposed to synch with someone else which that can’t be that easy; a girl whom I knew yet I know nothing about. Time has gone this far and yet I am still standing here and knowing nothing about her since, what, five or six years ago? Considering proper salute is in order, attending her invitation is just inevitable, don’t you think?

One is down and the others start to go around and life is not still. I wonder who will come next.


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