dancing under the moon light | Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

To think the opposite of me is not that hard. Let us track the me old and configure how the new me can appear.

Normally, I am a bit of loner. I dislike to listen to music too much. I tend to wander and think of all things coming to me. I hate people who make too much noise both at day and night. I like to roam in college complex at noon. I would love to play video games all night long in my room and have no one to talk with since nighttime is a peaceful moment to contemplate. I prefer to not eat anything after 9pm and I would probably be laying on my bed until I fall asleep.

Now, make the opposite. I would be a very social person just for one night, have a super fun and hard party with a lot of music which I usually won’t listen. I would eat everything from vegetables to meats, drink everything from ordinary water to heavy sodas but no alcohol, really. I would probably throw my games away for one night and go out to a friend’s house and have a good time with dinner and light conversation followed by laughing out loud. I would be at college complex at night with my earphone on with another hip-hop or rap music which I like to listen if I get bored.

I guess, this is all I have got about the opposite of me. Seeing how short my paragraphs are, I can tell that I am a boring person in life. Well, hope this won’t last long. Good day, reader!


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