How Late Are You?

Yeah, how late are you? Fifteen minutes after the bell rang so you could not get to the class on time and get punished by your teacher? A minute so you missed your flight? Or, maybe it is just something else? These kind of late are just ordinary, aren’t they? You find these kind in any day at any time yet they are just things you have been through that you realize. However, they are not everything.

For example, I have acquired some stories regarding my old friends back in college or high school and they  indeed have their own kind of late. Let me tell you a few stories about them in one paragraph each. Hope you’d like them.

First, this story is about one of the most social and friendly colleague I have ever had. I won’t mention if it is ‘he’ or ‘she’. So, let me settle with ‘it’. It has friends, a lot of them. Every where you mention its name, people around you would just easily say, “Ahh, that person. I know. …” followed by many nice responses which not everyone gets them that clearly. When it comes to little reunion, it always sighes and tells me things like these: “I have stil my regret of being late for joining this and that club. You know me, right old pal? How am I so excited in sports and arts. It has been several years and I still can’t let go of those dream.”; “I had been desiring to join this particular event. But then, I had no time left. I hated it when it came to choose between school or clubs. It just sucks.” There are a few more of this complain which describing how late it is now. Not fifteen minutes or a minute but it comes in year scale. Feeling of regret is surely hard to forget, especially when it goes to personal matters.

Second, this person is able to be called as the most genius I have ever met. It is clever in every cognitive way possible, probably. It sometimes tells me how it really is craving for further research and study but again, time is of the essence so it could not make it. It has got plenty of research plans, numerous of recommendation, and even every lecturer it has met wants to get it to the highest rank school out there and yet it still could not make it. How many years is it late for? Several, give it two or three, years of agony, it has cried to move onward and Divine seems like forbidding it to proceed because of something/a few things. You never know what He has for you, right? It is now in faith, hoping for the best, so may He grant it a good life here and everafter.

Third which probably the last tale I would tell, is about romance. Every romance in this world has expiration date. Some say that wrong path could lead one meets another or the opposite and sometimes right path would just give one the wrong person. However, not choosing anything is considerably a sin. It just has graduated from its college and two years prior that graduation, it got a promise with itself that there was someone it had an eye on and planned to take action after finishing something which I forget now. Until this very day, it hasn’t been in anything near his completion of his reason before confessing and that someone it had an eye on has been with someone else, obviously. One thing it regrets is that it chose nothing in between. It was afraid of refusal and having relationship that would go nowhere. It decided to stand still and watched other people happy. I daresay that it has been a bit more than four years late. Now that someone it had an eye on has gone, I wonder what it would say when I get to meet it at the nearest reunion. Just something not to think about.

There are three stories covering three topic: people, academic, and love. Or is it ‘love’? I would not dare to claim it is. Being late is just another humanity’s habit. There is no end to it. Some might just let themselves late because of some reasons, some might be forced to be late, and the rest might just be stupid not to notice anything at all. What are you late for? How long are you late? Is being late for some time worth it for your decission?

Good day.


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