out of time boundaries

He attended a funeral again. Once again one of his best friends left this world in a set of baroque songs followed by the storm of sadness. He stood with his black coat along with the other mourners. Father played his tone of voice chanting mantras of peaceful death. He followed the funeral procession from zero. He walked on the side of the road under the rain with the others. Sun didn’t show herself for that day as if she told us how sad she was. He walked his mind through all memories he could remember about the deceased one: how he met him under the umbrella of warfare; how the deceased saved him from the a stray bullet; how they ran across enemy’s fires and succeed defending their post; He smiled in crying for denying the fact that his partner was gone.

The he arrived at the funeral complex. He stood on the side of burial site watching his dear friend being put down gently and slowly. Father still sang his chants and then after the deceased was placed properly, he began his reading and praise to the Lord while he even didn’t take a look. His cosmetics began to be washed by the rain, revealing his real face which people didn’t care because of the rain itself. His face which didn’t change at all showed a deep grief under the his hood. He took a look at his deceased friend insignia which was as same as his own but his friend was so much more dirty and it had so much scratches because of the battles he had when he was alive.

Unlike him, his emblem was clean for his existence was already erased from the history since he never existed. His presence was denied a long ago while his deceased friends got promoted to the higher rank. He didn’t mind and he gladly lost himself inside the woods of uncertainty. He began his new life as no one but one who walked amongst the dead yet he wasn’t with them and yet he wasn’t with the living either.

Funeral procession was ended on time and he began to walk out from the burial site. For a far ahead he could listen how people like the deceased’s family made questions about how his friend lived and died. There was also something about his presence there which was unknown yet felt very close to the deceased. He didn’t look back as he understood that the corpse had already begun to rot. He fastened his steps onto the the nearest bus stop and made his waiting there. He aimed to the south where the HQ was located. He was planning to return to the surface facing his old commanders and colleagues for his friends death.

He along with his hunger for revenge came forth to end what it was to be ended. Silently he grasped the night and the rain. Time started to obey and stop at his disposal. He walked on the void and made no sounds. He walked by the bus he had intended earlier to use but he didn’t. He began to understand why his partners were gone one by one in the same pattern and why his dear friends faked his death. One who had no time bound regretted nothing and deserved nothing. One who had no death beside it had no right to live and mercy. One who had no grey hair and weakness had no right to exist. He followed his path with an emptiness. For he knew everything could be done in just one second.

Ha vanished into the labyrinth, sneaked into people’s mind, ran with the the mighty wind blows. He drew his old sword and went forward unto the dusk. For a promise to be alive, he broke the code and again for the same matter he rose his blade against his old colleagues and commanders.


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