After Lunch

Here is what happened after lunch between two people.

So, everything is almost forgotten or is it really totally forgotten?

Not really, I just don’t think we should open our old wounds again. Today is the reunion after all.

Reunion means to regale something from the past, right? So, what have come to your mind?

Nothing. I am just lazy to talk about anything. If you have something to tell, I’ll just listen.

Okay, but don’t blame me if there is something you hate. Ja? I wonder if you still remember what happened between six or seven years ago?

I do.

I wonder if you still have the same feeling, the same desire towards the old stuff. You know, ones you always called artifacts.

Yeah, they were pretty great. However, I just barely reckon them. Your point being?

The point is, why won’t we continue what has been left behind since that time? I mean we were pretty good at it. No one was offended and by looking at our times, I think the timing is perfect.

I’d better finish my drink then? I wouldn’t be so sure about the timing. We come and go through different methods. Our signature is too distinguishable.

Yeah, I was just thinking that might be right. Aside from that opinion, don’t you think your time is correct now?

I don’t mean to be any rude or something but I think our time never agrees to each other even in tiniest bit. Sorry, if that’s too harsh.

No, it’s okay. Everything has changed, huh? I would be just like any other dust in the desert, wouldn’t I? Singing the old songs day after day, time after time. I was just stupid back then for believing those things.

I wouldn’t call you stupid. That was obviously natural, especially if it was pointed to you. Like I said, those have not changed a bit for me. Why don’t we finish this accidental conversation and continue our journey together with our friends? We are in reunion after all.

Yeah, that would be great. Just great.

They said the bell rang and students had to enter their own classroom to continue their study and teachers would gladly collect their homework but there were always some students who just forgot their assignments.


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