one sole tear

One tear which leads one to another world was now appeared and wide opened. One should enter to gain salvation and peace yet one does not embrace upon the grace of one’s time. One appeared year after year in the light of future. One regaled the tale of how the tear opened and begone. One left the door open for a long time when it knew no one was going to come. One cried beneath the ocean it created. One did have one sole tear it wished upon yet it did not see. One sole tear came clean in front of people yet only a few recognized the given pattern.

One time it disappeared into the unknown and uncertainty. People looked for it and gave up regretting their only one redemption gone. One still had hope and strove to the glory a tear could ever promise. One ran on the desert of nothing and craved upon the cloud for a drop of guidance.

… and yet one closed its doors and windows forgetting everything happened and leaving a tear opened in empty until the end of the day. One gazed upon the universe praying for people behind that tear for happiness and prosperity for it would not enter joining them, for it had the death at its side.


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