so long, butterfly

Such as a butterfly, it flies. There was a time when a caterpillar came out from an egg. It happened so long ago. A rain came down from limitless sky and I brought a umbrella. I stopped by the small garden and took a shelter from the downpour. As I looked around, I found this caterpillar trying to walk, if I might say it was walking. Well, it, as you might predict, ate a lot of leaves.

One day it grew so big, so big that it got so different from its previous size. I took a look closer and began to think when it would get to be a cocoon. Not so long, I found it wrapping itself with saliva and then became a cocoon. I left for home and started to count the day until the caterpillar burst out for the shell. In the of waiting, I took several things into my account: wind direction, moisture, even the water flow. I walked on the completely different path with the caterpillar for a quite long. After that I began to realize the day of its final transformation should be close.

I waited and waited until the cocoon showed its first step of breaking. I was surprised not because of the new form of the caterpillar but rather by the beauty if the nature. I would not dare to compare the wings with anything. It just was simply amazing. The weather that day was suitable for the butterfly to take its first flapping to the vast and clear sky. It then flew out embracing the warming sunlight, flew into freedom of which mankind could not achieve easily.

What are those butterfly would do after its flight? It, along with the companions, let just refer them with “they”, would probably make our gardens become more mesmerizing, colourful, and lovely. They said butterfly indicate a good environment, especially the vegetation. Would they be something we need not? One might say their breed, the caterpillar but after all everything has its cycle and if such beauty should be born from a relatively short madness, world may be able to just endure for a bit.

In the mist of glorifying morning, scene of their presence would calm such a noisy soul.


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