What Makes You Stay Awake: A Sequence

Like what has been stated at the title: what makes you stay awake? Is it real or just imaginary? Is it something you have done or someone else has? Is it worth or you will just throw it into a garbage can the move on? About this thing, I plan to write several posts and I thought it would be right to start with an intro. Something approximately like this one.

Everything happened in our life points to one direction or another. Human brain might have the power to predict of what would occur based on accumulated facts. For each of what they foresee, there can be a spark of hope or despair which lead them into happiness or sorrow. Such things provoke people from their sleep or sometimes awake the dying from their slumber; a specific matter which keeps people’s eyes wide open and their mind wandering, prevents them from fall asleep, hold them in their imaginary worries and hope for what they desire most; a sequence of what should and shouldn’t happen, of what has and hasn’t been done, of what will and won’t happen.

For every leash, there are tales and for a tale, there is always be a listener.

I wonder if I will be able to write about this, really.


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