What Of Their Wings?

A kid sat on a bench in a garden beside an old man. This old man was watching birds in front of him eating and drinking in a fountain. A kid then asked.

Old man, what of the fallen angels? What of their majestic wings?

Old man then told an asking kid a story about the race of long forgotten. He began his tale.

This once was asked to one of fallen angels. They told a story of how a single betrayal could lead them to a wrath; how they were demoted into mere humans and stripped of their mighty wings. They lose a huge amount of their lifespan. They were forced to blend in with human and feel how it was to live with regret and deceit of human. They were to learn how it is to be slighted and how hard it is to not hate with severe bleeding.

Some of them tried their best to cooperate and in the end they repented but some of the others preferred making their haste to power. They forgot on what purpose they were hammered down to the earth. They ignored the fact that they were the fallen who once was a mighty race of all creation. They let themselves to be comprised by earthly affliction, disease, and downfall.

Some of the right side tried to stop these cursed devastation from spreading but not long their number became few and fewer. Some of them were killed by their own kind when trying to persuade them to light. Some of them were exiled because of their so-called foreign way of thinking. After such a long battle, the remaining of the right became a single grain of black sand in the middle of vast desert; their influence brought nothing and their scream was drowned in the middle of lousy daily sounds.

Ones of those who repented was granted their wings back; a insignia of honour and loyalty but not with their life and ascension. They lived their life here on earth. They witnessed everything in detail, memorised in their heart, wrote their wisdom and legacy in their books. They passed down these books to their descendants and so did the descendants. They didn’t forget about where their ancestor were born and what of their origin. They accepted their fate, their destiny and with the wisdom of their forefathers, they pressed on. After then they left this world with peace and no regret. They had their chances and they didn’t miss.

Ones of those who desired nothing and hated their destiny, they were given what they ever wanted: power. With it they conquered the world, they reigned over centuries with prosperity and wealth but their sleep wasn’t much and was so much frightening. Their steps were echoing all over the hallway. They felt insecure even they had their loyal soldiers protecting their life. They gave their descendants more power, so much power even then their descendants might kill them and that’s what happened. Their graves were majestic but again what of their slumber?

Ones were granted eternal freedom to get what they needed and the others were given what they desired most.

After telling this story, the old man went away in the mist of morning fog. He walked with help of his long walking stick. Slowly walking until we could not see his presence again. May his soul rest in peace and his wings deliver him to the place where he really belongs.


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