What to forgive exactly? | Daily Prompt: Forgive and Forget?

We all have hated someone for his/her flaw towards us. I bring this question, “What to forgive exactly?”, because I need to see myself acknowledge what it is to us to forgive and, may be, you also need to. This is the description of this topic.

Share a story where it was very difficult for you to forgive the perpetrator for wronging you, but you did it — you forgave them.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us REPENTANCE.

At least two times I have been in anger by two same things, betrayal. I don’t know about other people if these cases could be considered as backstabbing or just friendly and daily friction. For me, these things were big deal. I would just skip the details because for me that’s not important. I would rather jump to the point where I could overcome this anger which then was proven to be easy.

I hated them because their betrayal and arrogance but then again, why did I hate them for? What does the hatred bring to me? In the end, there is nothing. This hatred only makes me weak and weaker, time after time. It was indeed that their fault were unforgivable but I asked myself again, really? How come I could judge people when I didn’t pay attention to myself like if I was worth to be trusted or if I was worth to befriend with or even the basic one such as if they were friends.

The more I asked, the more I learned that I wasn’t a good person back then. I was just jealous of people’s success so if there was anything about them, I wanted to join in and let the others left behind. If the others joined, I would instantly judge that my friend was a foe. Even though that was not all from me, a part of fault might come from them, the people who wronged me. By all means, if I hated them even more, they wouldn’t even bother. They could just move one and ignore my anger because in this world, my anger was and is just another grain of dust in desert.

I came to light of forgiving after one of them showed its true self. When everything pointed to that person and yet everything changed. I grew sympathy and I understood that the person might not need my care or anything from me but this could release me from further desire to revenge. So much I did to forget, to learn, and to forgive until I opened the door to an answer given by myself, surprisingly. Me said,

What to forgive exactly?
Yep, there is nothing to forgive. Your friends have done nothing wrong to you. They just abandoned you so then you might know who is your friends now. There is nothing wrong with them, the problem is within you. You considered them to be your friends whilst they are not. You tried to be one of them while you couldn’t and you will not be able to. You are you and what you have to forgive is not them but you. Forgive yourself because after so much detention you gave to yourself and there is no forgiveness, you are just torturing your poor soul.

Hatred and anger only make ourselves sad, pity, and weak because being anger to some people is easy. The forgiving only comes from the strong and to become strong there is a price which is not cheap. To be strong means learning about ourselves better and better overtime. To forgive means to understand ourselves with our flaw, to overcome it, and to be a better person. In the end, being strong means having a lifetime wisdom yet yearning for more of it or I might say, a strong man is a wise man. I wish we all can be that kind of person someday soon.


9 Replies to “What to forgive exactly? | Daily Prompt: Forgive and Forget?”

  1. Betrayal always proves out to be the most hated trait and yet almost everyone experiences it. I guess it is in human nature…some just succeed in suppressing it . You say it all right.


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