some thoughts of categorising

Okay, I have been writing about things so freely. So free even I am now starting to wonder how I am going to classify all of my post. Most of them are not unique than the others. They are placed into more than one category, such as post below this one. Should I simplify all … Continue reading some thoughts of categorising

Are you there?

One day after the last day of autumn somewhere under the famous tower. One was holding a phone giving a call. Hey, I am now here. Would you look at this place, it is just amazing. This tower, a tower I have been dreaming for long. Right now the weather is beginning to cool down … Continue reading Are you there?

Rain Op – 4

I just got home, if you can call it home, that night and still was wearing my working apparel. I was standing idly by the window watching how heavy the rain was and realizing that this storm wouldn't be over very soon. When I turned myself back, someone knocked the window. At first, I thought … Continue reading Rain Op – 4

cut off ropes and set sail

One day I went straight to a house of wisdom, sort of. This house is located inside everyone's mind, laid bare in the open if windless tide, and standing in the middle of vast and calm ocean called experience. One would sail using personal boat to attend the house for there is living a sage … Continue reading cut off ropes and set sail

That was my December

Actually, the title was "This is My December" but I was late to post this writing so I changed it into current title. Well, that's not my point. Since people were dragging what they cherished most at that month, why didn't I do the same? Let me begin then. 1. Regaling old songs won't solve … Continue reading That was my December