That was my December

Actually, the title was “This is My December” but I was late to post this writing so I changed it into current title.

Well, that’s not my point. Since people were dragging what they cherished most at that month, why didn’t I do the same? Let me begin then.

1. Regaling old songs won’t solve a thing but, nothing at all.

Then I began to get rid of my collection which forced my to look back but don’t you think people need to look back once in a while? I got my friends for that one.

2. I understood a concept of relationship which had been bugging me for a long time. One of old pals told me a brief yet sufficient explanation for this term.

That is one hell of a ride of thinking but after that moment I realized how stupid I was back then.

3. Everyone has a dream and sometimes people only get in your way. Get rid of them gently or if you can’t, you can always make use of The Force and if you do, I would tap on your shoulder and say, “May The Force Be With You, Young Pandawan.”.

Another old friend of mine showed me how this worked. IT (without using The Force, of course) WORKS!

4. A bowl of ice cream might cleanse your mind. Try it once in a while if you got yourself stuck with your problem. Be caution if you have diabetes genes.

5. A simple chat might lead you to understand the person whom you talk to better and an opinion from a friend who has known you for a long time might be coming handy for a decision making.

An Old soul can contain so much, so much so you can’t even predict the depth of it. After getting several dose of reasoning and a lot of typing, I hereby declare that I have passed 2013 with peace. May I rest in peace and I wish I could be reborn in the beginning of this year.

At that, my friend, was my December. What about ye?