Are you there?

One day after the last day of autumn somewhere under the famous tower. One was holding a phone giving a call.

Hey, I am now here. Would you look at this place, it is just amazing. This tower, a tower I have been dreaming for long. Right now the weather is beginning to cool down but I think it is already icy, right? Oh yes, if you are still wondering who I am, you would be just the silly. Come on, how come you could not recognize my voice? It has been long, yes, but really? Okay, my agenda will start tomorrow. I have been accepted in one of the most prestigious higher education school here but the detail if it is institute or university, it is your turn to guess. After looking and having fun in this tower, I am planning on going to the center of the city, if you know what I mean. I wonder how it looks like but I can say it will be great without more addition. Oh, wait up. I am going to call you back. I have to go somewhere. Be right back.

This person went to the nearby yard and taking some pictures with its companion as they were watching the beauty of the weather and birds. They exchanged their experience, their journey of arriving under the tower. They laughed with warm cup of coffee on their hand. They smiled towards bright sunshine hiding behind white clouds.

On the other side, a person had watched his phone for a while waiting for a friend to make a contact but after several seconds he understood no one would want to make a call again. He turned his chair around and stands. He put on a jacket preparing to walk home. Time pointed to eleven o’clock at night and the breeze had turned into freezing wind. Moon prepared its showdown. He took a bag, drank a last sip of his night coffee and was ready to go. The phone rang and the display showed the name of a friend. The wielder grabbed it and turns off the phone. He then walked out from room and faced the heavy rain. Or is it just home? For a person who bears the song of wilderness, home is just temporary.

Hey, are you there? You didn’t pick up your phone last night. Now I am in the center of the city. You can guess, a lot of traffic and fancy restaurants are here. Well, I don’t know why I am mentioning those things but the thing is, the artifact is here! I can’t believe it with my own eyes. You know what, I will tell you the story later. I have got to join the crowd. It seems that there is some events going on here. Okay, bye!

Who stands the night of celebration? It wears a long coat to fight the cold.

He looked upon the night sky. The snow had been falling since several days ago. He tightened his coat and walked to the center of the city, facing the truth of miscalls he had been suffering from. He braved his steps which he knew very well, they were steps of welcoming his dearly friend, Death.

Hi, how are you? It’s freezing right now. I don’t know if you can catch up with me but that’s okay. I am heading back to dorm and yes, it is already nightfall but don’t you worry about me. I am fine as ever. Ja, see you around and don’t forget to take my call tomorrow. I want to take you somewhere fun.

Later, he said. For that time, everything was too late, for then he stood before his friend’s tombstone.

Are you there, friend? I am sorry for not letting my time be spent with you. Now I wish you understand my regret and sure enough regretting now won’t solve anything….


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