Rain Op – 4

I just got home, if you can call it home, that night and still was wearing my working apparel. I was standing idly by the window watching how heavy the rain was and realizing that this storm wouldn’t be over very soon. When I turned myself back, someone knocked the window. At first, I thought that was just only a crow or another bird blown by the strong wind but it wasn’t.

Someone was sitting while whistling some songs which I could hear hardly, obviously. With dim light, I saw a dark brown long raincoat complete with the hood. From style of the wearing, my guess was that my visitor was a man and I could guess who that was. He was carrying a small bag and several pouches hanging on his coat.

Mr. Postman, how rare you come and visit me, especially within this time of bad weather. Care for a sip of tea or coffee?

How nice, given the circumstances, but sorry I can’t. I am here only to deliver this and convey a message.

That would be your job as a postman, right?

So, what had I got there? A mail. Stamped not so long, white paper with scent of roses and mint. This should be letter of invitation and I was right.

Letter of invitation, eh? Now, would you give a proper treatment for that insignia?

How so? It is not like I would wear this emblem there.

Oh you would. Trust me. Ja, see you later.

After reading the letter in flash, I realized he’s right. I would need this insignia. I wonder how I would clean up this thing; insignia with several roses carved into a stone, a pride one. I had to attend the craftsman, the maker of insignia to help me polishing it.

The date isn’t soon so I believed I had a proper time to prepare. First, I would need a suit. Not just ordinary suit, I needed a suit which resembled the deepest night and brought up the most of crescent in a clear sky or I just wore the normal one, eh? Second, I would need a pickup. City where the celebration would be held was far and normal means would not suffice. I needed a car. Or, I just didn’t attend the ceremony at all? Third, expression of face. I would say this lightly, that face was not something I was proud of. Let us just skip this part.

The insignia had began to rot since as long as I remembered and again I had to run in the middle of rain. Better go fast and come home even faster.


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