everything you have not heard

There is a story between one and the other one when one said that it has known everything about the other one. On the other side, one refused this claim and started to shout about everything what has been claimed to be known.

I have heard everything.

No, you have not. In fact, you know nothing about everything you claimed. If you had known then you would have known what I have been through. You would either drop tears or laughing out loud, so loud that every one inside the ballroom would hear and made a weird expression. If you had known what I have been through, you would have understand all of my moves and my mistakes then you would gladly point me to the right direction instead of playing with my emotion and patience.

If you had known all murderous mazes I had to witness, you would then provide a cover for this tired eyes and say with your own voice via nothing, “Be calm for everything changes and you might get it all rightfully placed and arranged.” If you had answered all of my question toward this emptiness I had been facing for all this time, I would have existed instead of forcing myself to barely survive. If you had told me everything I needed to hear, I would be clear on this tempting blizzard and free from thorns of a garden of red roses.

But, then you claimed otherwise for then I could not hide from what it was to be right. For you who have claimed to have heard everything, to not have to hear anything ever again, to be in right place at the right time for several occasion: I could not agree more.

Everything I wanted to tell now is banned for life and hidden, locked inside the most sacred box of all time. Every mimic I have prepared to face the day is now faded blown by silence. Everything you have not heard will be forever untold and unclear for the successor of tale will cease to exist; for the book of red roses has been signed and sealed to be buried under deeply under the very soil where your presence was born for the first time.

Before saying good bye, I would gladly convey a message through this very sword of focus with a ruby of remembrance of which you may have forgotten; with a blade containing rune of the past; with golden hilt in hope of perseverance; without a sheath for you now have achieve your desire of freedom. From here and now, I have finished my role of the telling and our journey together has ended peacefully. This would be the last honor I can offer.

May Thy Soul Be Free and Thy Spirit Be Eternal. Salute.


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