They Asked, Have You Met Her?

It happened that I stumbled upon an article titled “Why I Decided To Get Married Before I Was 25” and I came to think of it, of all things my surroundings had done and called upon: a marriage. Truthfully speaking, I am not a big fan of lovey-dovey-kind-of-things and of course I would always be likely to respond anything about marriage passed to me with this: Pfft! Please ….

This article made me think of several reason the author mentioned. Let say, there are seven reason and in my opinion, these seven points are mentioned by an order which means that reason number one can be the reason of number two, and so on. Let me begin at number one since that is the only item matched with my current event.

I have met the woman of my dreams.

I said, really? When I got asked by my family about getting a partner of life and who that lucky, or doomed, lady might be, I smirked and led them to another matter as if I really didn’t want to talk about it. Months of watching my friends betting their life in a bond called marriage made me thinking, is being that worth the try? They would ask me simply, “Have you met her?”

Eventually, I will or may be I have? Frankly, if someone asks me about one lady, I would almost instantly think of one person; a person with so many contradiction. This lady is agreed by all constitution of men from my colleagues to be pretty, strong, intellect, and loving. She has a deep faith in Him and her actions resemble everything just right. Me? Judge all the way you want, Kiddo.

She is near and yet far for I still cannot reach her by any means. She is here yet my eyes cannot catch her presence. She is the white flower the middle of colorful garden and I am no flower. She stands along with her friends and I am sitting idle by the top of abandoned tower under heavy rain; which guarantees my sickness of cold. She meets her accomplishments almost every time when I have to have myself deep under constant struggle just to achieve one thing people can get easily. She can join the crowd naturally when I have to prepare careful planning of speech and etc. etc..

In short, lady of my dream is somehow a polar opposite of me. Does it match my rule? She might be the right person whom I can trust my back, my head, and my heir but am I the gentleman of her dream? I wouldn’t know for sure. If they asked me if I had ever been with her in some occasions, I would like to admit a single yes but again, that wouldn’t be appropriate. because that confirmation would be one-sided.

So, when they ask again if I have met woman of my dreams, yes ‘dreams’ in plural, what would be my proper answer? I guess, I would stick with a simple no for a time being. Happy Saturday!


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