crossroad – a medic, a miner, and a sociopath

Each side of noun does not represent single character. One can be medic, miner, or sociopath. Each name will be represented by neither ‘he’ nor ‘she’ but it. It happened several years ago, where a sociopath got what it desired most at that time; a passage of time which concluded the memory of this left-behind creature; a day of consideration and yet it decided to decline all of those things.

For there was a moment of doubt yet this person never acknowledged such event. It had known every desire pointed to the same direction and it chose to disobey. Chances had come and gone and the same person always refused to believe. For there was a chance to go on and push an admission, it didn’t.

This person might need a medic. It got a surgery and critical point has passed. You haven’t heard of this?

I am afraid I have not, my dear. Is that a serious matter? Has it been released for hospital?

Yes. I visited a while.

A sociopath might decide to not do anything. It preferred being alone and watching for afar to come directly and say ‘hi’. One ‘hi’ can change everything for it creates smile, laughter, and tears of joy. This person chose not to. For a change could happen and everything could be far better in every angle.

Hi, your beloved friend here told me you are recovering. How is it? I have not heard any of this affliction from you.

It smiled with pale face because of being lack of blood. There were several bandages and bottle of disinfectant.

Well, it is not something I want to tell everyone and yet I told to one, right? Sorry, it is just not right telling people about my sickness.

Is it? On my way here, I tried to consider what you might need. I hope this is not rude but I brought our friend here.  A doctor should be fine, right? Considering you have such a serious injuries.

Conversation started itself and the sociopath walked out from the room. It was said that fresh air would be just right choice for burdened and wounded flesh. After a moment, the time for a medic to act came, to do what was to be done while the miner sat still.

Truth to tell, thinking of several wounds, losing blood, would not be that hard for those who did not have any of them at first place. The medic gave some advices about how to tend a post-surgery wounds, bind a bandage, use medicine properly, and maybe what diet should the patient take. So, there would a win-win.

The question they should ask is probably these: Why on earth did they not choose this road? Why did they prefer to take the road where they had to be separated into three single entities? Now that everything has turned into pile of ash, every being started to melt down into tears of which they cannot lie anymore. Now, proper burial ceremony has been done and those entities were put to rest at different places for they were sworn to live and die in each of their own way.


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