Something That Matters

Why would I be bothered?

That’s exactly the kind of question asked to me from every side of unconscious rumbling mind. I tried to calm people and myself by saying every one has their own path. No need to worry. Or something like that but in the end, sometimes, it was the speaker who got the most uneasy feeling.

Amico, something that matters you the most might be something you tried to run from. Something that you hold most might be someone’s treasure and you’d better let it go. I have had my eye inside the scope and tried to follow the path of moving object and it was almost right but the same thing would confirm with human mind.

Something that matters, comrade, is the thing that might wake you up all night long because you realize that sleeping is just another kind of wasting time method; a good one at that. On the other hand, you might end up wasting your sleeping time by thinking something unworthy. You would see your path as it has been destined to you but at appointed hour you would realize that was a fraud because of your own claim.

Why would you be bothered? That is the question and only you can answer. I have another kind of question on my sheet.