There is no escape

For people who have tried to run away, they may have realized this matter. Those who are now in the middle of a runway, highway, or a top of the tallest mountain, should have been bound to understand this, sooner or later.

One have stumbled everything he tried to hide from. One tried to run from diseases; they reached him eventually; One ran away from blackout; He received it accidentally; One refused to know everything about old threads; people made a lot of chatter about them around. In the midst of narrow hallway with a ray of sunshine in dry season, one watched the thin cloud above. He barely escaped from one storm and then had himself in the middle of unbearable heat. One ran again through the old matter which barricaded him there. Always, in the end of the road, he stood before an army of dishonored soldier with their hunger despite how many times he had swung my old saber and launched these bullets from their chamber.