Micromanaging at its finest

Something is happening where and when what you do is always wrong and really not that satisfying. Everything you do is deemed unworthy because they have the authority. Every idea you have and point out will be always be insignificant since they are all who know the field very well, even far better than you.They … Continue reading Micromanaging at its finest

Make a stand

Consider this; consider this, the wheel of the century; consider things that brought you to your knees, I said too much. Too many reasons of failures that brought hell upon this mind. A hell that return the might of ones shoulder into oblivion and brought the bearer to their knees?Consider this: what is on our … Continue reading Make a stand

One shot

Under duress, silky dress, and dinner jacket, what could go south?People got their tie and shoes matched. Gentlemen prepared the carriage, the music, and without delay, a menu. Ladies get themselves confused because of so many dressings they could take. Everything was taken into account for a mere second of confession.One sat here and there … Continue reading One shot

Being a machine

For you who walked in different path and were wounded severely.You ran with a set of suit completely black and blacked by dried blood. Together with calloused hands and dirtied collar, you held you sight high. You dragged your tired arms and legs without rest and ignored the pain along the way.Your friends never knew … Continue reading Being a machine

In the middle of doubtness

On the road, between streets of madness, in the center of crossroad, a man might stand alone. Dying light was his company and his own steps were all he heard. One path led to a bright fortune and everything he could ever imagine. Another one led to indifference where he did not belong to anybody.He … Continue reading In the middle of doubtness

Heed the silence

A day of silence might be something everyone needs. It sounds like this song but not really the same. It goes as follows: All I ever wanted, all I ever needed Is here in my arms Words are very unnecessary They can only do harm by Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence It might be … Continue reading Heed the silence

Because you live, I live.

Nope, this is too cheesy. I won't write about this topic. Sorry, fellas.