Micromanaging at its finest

Something is happening where and when what you do is always wrong and really not that satisfying. Everything you do is deemed unworthy because they have the authority. Every idea you have and point out will be always be insignificant since they are all who know the field very well, even far better than you.

They direct you to every corner and at every tiny dot there is to find at design. Should anything goes south, your head will be counted for not making any difference and, of course, for your one of a kind expertise. They inject a flask of dead doctrine to your head where your immunity system will rightfully refuse and cause you headache and several muscle pain of reinforced smile.

For every change you dearly hope and try to make, there is barely any single chance since you are not the inventor so your idea will be, what, invalid? Well, your argument might stand for a point but you need to see everything at bigger picture because they need you work not think. When you think, your immense and condensed mind shall be vaporised and tortured by their truth. When you try not to think, they will spontaneously  state that you are incompetent because every graduate should have something in mind about how to improve a product.

You will fall eventually for not believing your ideals and you shall fall to if you do because nothing of you is true and none of you are permitted. That, if you are, would be against the inventor and maker for all time’s sake.

What they are trying to tell you is what you should do for a time effectively and accurately. So, instead of running around with wild barbarian inside your head, you do what they want you to do. They dictate everything so you don’t have to consider what and how you do your work. To put it simple, they say.

Despite anything you desire dearly, your time is running short and you can’t think of everything at once. They will do the thinking part and your muscles are to finish their divine thoughts. That is how it works and how you should work, too.


Make a stand

Consider this; consider this, the wheel of the century; consider things that brought you to your knees, I said too much. Too many reasons of failures that brought hell upon this mind. A hell that return the might of ones shoulder into oblivion and brought the bearer to their knees?

Consider this: what is on our hand might seem light and worthless while others are holding something more shiny and prestigious. One thing might trouble the holder if what they have is what they deserve. Would you be able to carry the same fate? Between destiny, we watch different point of standing and view. Feet and eyes are not always together. They unite and part at the same time. Minds are even more agile and wandering.

When what is our hand is too heavy, our legs begin to suffer. Eventually, we are on our knees and pray. Would this solve our mediocre problems? Or simply leaving some behind might be in order?

Consider this; consider what might bring us to the depth of dead rock and what not; consider what might burden our head, arms, and legs and what might be worth the suffering; consider what would make us standing; People might find that won’t be easy but I think he other way won’t be just the opposite. It is just a matter of perspective and sometimes switching between one and another might work better.


One shot

Under duress, silky dress, and dinner jacket, what could go south?

People got their tie and shoes matched. Gentlemen prepared the carriage, the music, and without delay, a menu. Ladies get themselves confused because of so many dressings they could take. Everything was taken into account for a mere second of confession.

One sat here and there waiting for the big moment. Other people stood tall wit their head steady looking at entrance gate. Some people might be given one of lifetime chance to take the bloody shot. A single bullet containing several years of burden, maybe, was on the chamber and ready to be released.

One stood under shade of a tree whilst listening the sound of solemn voice from within the chapel. Because of what? Waiting and dreaming about the day, was it worth the time? What would be the motive of all? The ground was shaking and his feet could barely maintain balance he sought. Take a deep breath, again and again, he did. Steady was his aim. One fire and everything changed into dust.

Being a machine

For you who walked in different path and were wounded severely.

You ran with a set of suit completely black and blacked by dried blood. Together with calloused hands and dirtied collar, you held you sight high. You dragged your tired arms and legs without rest and ignored the pain along the way.

Your friends never knew your shape and name and yet you understood them all very well, bit by bit. You had to go and never even once you said you would come. Fulfilling promises was your thing and sadness never occurred on your face. Destiny was something you never thought about and yet you kept it.

At unknown frontier you stood and slept along with other fallen runner and you would be at another no man’s land at following day. Good night was not your wish and morning never came. Even you might be wondering if you were alive but maybe, that was not your primary concept. Between routines and being unpredictable, which was your trait?

In the middle of doubtness

On the road, between streets of madness, in the center of crossroad, a man might stand alone. Dying light was his company and his own steps were all he heard. One path led to a bright fortune and everything he could ever imagine. Another one led to indifference where he did not belong to anybody.

He packed with his sword sheated and his gun emptied. Why would a man carry such weapons in a long journey filled by nothing but dead rock and wild wind? He might choose one particular shadow but he would not. He might pray for a pair of angel wings but he refused. He waited until appointed hour which had not come along.

He walked in the middle of desert and heavy rain alone while anyone else walked by his right and left side. He could not decide. His choice was long gone.

Heed the silence

A day of silence might be something everyone needs. It sounds like this song but not really the same. It goes as follows:

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

It might be just a thing you need after a whole day worth of noise.¬† It might be a contradiction forwhat ears were made to hear; to enjoy every noise there is. A noise people call sounds of music and hell singing are the same. Either people enjoy it or despise. One’s sound might be enough for a day or a necessity for the other. Anyway, heed the silence is a thing and sometimes the silence would tell you a better story.

Because you live, I live.

Nope, this is too cheesy. I won’t write about this topic.

Sorry, fellas.